Wayne Weekly:”Angle Iron…from the Master Builder”

Written by on June 12, 2015

Angle Irons. You may not recognize what they are in the moment, but you see them every day…and we rely on them.

During a recent drive I noticed a flatbed truck coming down the highway from the opposite direction on the road. I could see above the truck cab brightly blue painted metal angle iron in some kind of configuration. My first thought…carnival rides!

We’re all familiar with these vibrantly colored metal structures shouting out “I’m fun!”  Most of the framework for these amusement rides are made out of “angle iron” or other types of angled metal. These pieces of metal are bent at a 90 degree angle generally, which adds incredible strength and integrity to the member. What was prone to bend and fail, now has greatly increased fortitude.

I was hooked on angle iron as I continued to drive. I saw road signs, bridges, high voltage power poles, all constructed of angle iron. Such a simple process resulting in such multiplied resilience to failure.

God often bends us. Sometimes the bend is temporary. An illness that soon passes, a misunderstanding between an acquaintance that eventually gets straightened out, a job change, things like that. Other times God puts a bend in us permanently, a physical condition that we’ll struggle with all of our earthly life, an emotional or mental weakness, a personality disorder. God also places us in a permanent financial status or within a family that wrestles with the result of poor decisions by no fault of our own.

Whatever bends in our life, God has purpose, and God promises us that He will never leave us or forsake us. The bends make us stronger. They increase our endurance. They shape us so that we can become more effective in our spiritual journeys. And ironically, these bends, while making us stronger, can make us more sensitive to those around us, give us more compassion, and motivate us for touching the lives of others. Gentleness has often been defined as “strength under control”. Gentleness makes up part of the “fruit of the Spirit”.

So my friend, let’s be thankful for the bends in our being…and persevere in the Master Builder’s strength.


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