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Christmas comes but once a year. For our bank accounts, that’s probably a good thing! Well, ready or not, it’s coming! The hustle and bustle and the search for the […]

Religious stations in Canada? – that would be great. Or maybe not when one understands its definition by the CRTC1 (our governing body of radio and television licensing). Christian radio […]

Spotlight on “Advocated for Veterans Pt. 2” with Dawn Sessler – originally aired on November 12, 2021 (11-12-21) Dawn continues her conversation with Eric Haynes about his struggles as a […]

Spotlight on “Advocate for Veterans Pt. 1” with Dawn Sessler – originally aired on November 11, 2021 (11-11-21) In this episode of Spotlight, Eric Haynes joins Dawn in studio with […]

Thanksgiving is upon us! A time for family and friends, turkey and stuffing, and pumpkin pie. A feast to celebrate the bounty God has blessed us with! A day that […]

The Holiday season is upon us! For many, it’s a time of great joy! Parties and get togethers, time with family, sharing meals, baking cookies, trimming the tree, and so […]

What happened to the Emergency Alert Signal (EAS): that piercing tone that would, without notice, disrupt a program being aired? I haven’t heard it in a long time. When we […]

Technology! – sometimes it comes too fast for us to keep up with. We used to have control of things but now, with technological advances, we’ve lost it. Take for […]

I keep a sign above my workstation which reads, It’s a good reminder to me each day that nothing is a higher calling than being a wife and a mother. […]

Trail Life USA is an environment where boys thrive! Adults are equipped to lead a program in a structured outdoor environment where boys are engaged in real-world challenges and experience […]

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