Wayne Weekly:”Cleaning Out The Garage..among other stuff”

Written by on June 9, 2015

Just last week I was able to take some time away from work for a Spring Break. That’s what I call a week to catch up on outside work that seems to “break my back” with chores.

Living in this climate, we have a relatively short time to work on our homes. Painting porches, sealing the asphalt driveway, yard work and general maintenance make my yearly “spring break” own up to its name.

This year my week off from responsibilities at Mars Hill included a garage cleaning. My wife coaches me on the task, and exhorts me to throw things away. Good things. Things like lumber, pieces of aluminum, plastic pails left over from sheet rocking mud, and parts for my grill or a bike from days gone by. Evie generally repeats her mission when I clean the basement. She asks me why I need all those plastic bottles of screws, or nails, or why all the tools?

Wow. I mean you never know when you’ll need a certain fastener for a project or repair, or just the right piece of wood or metal to complete a job. Don’t wives realize that stuff like I keep are a treasure? Besides, who wants to throw out a door handle and a week later wish you had it for a repair. You just never know.

I am NOT a pack rat or hoarder, actually far from it. I know Evie would even agree with that. But why would I clean out valuable parts just to have to go buy a blister pack of 200 brads when you only need eight?

In life, we do collect things. I think it can be a wise thing, like the ant storing up food for the winter season (Proverbs 30:25). But someday I won’t be needing those screws anymore, or I won’t need to take a “spring break”. Someone else can do that. But until that time, I will press on. I will be sure to do what I need to dwell on my piece of the world.

We’re all placed somewhere in God’s providence. We all must “occupy till He comes” (Matthew 25:14), and do it wisely…even if it means annual “spring breaks”.


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