Wayne Weekly

It’s a bird…It’s a plane, it’s …ugh…just another blog!

Well, let’s just call it Wayne Weekly and forget about blogs.

Wayne Weekly is my way off putting down random everyday thoughts and encounters, linking them to your experiences, and then connecting with God’s truths. Hope you enjoy the adventure!

Wayne (as in Weekly) Taylor


Wayne Weekly “Hope in the Journey…Pass It On”

HOPE in the Journey…Pass It On                                                                                               October 8, 2021 It was almost predictable. People of all stripes are readily accepting the HOPE booklet. Let me start from […]


Wayne Weekly “Garage Sailing…Truth Finding”

Garage Sailing…Finding Truth My wife Evie and I went ‘garage sailing” recently. I put on my life jacket, and we cast off for destinations known and unknown. Evie enjoys these […]


Wayne Weekly “Life is a Beach”

Wow! Summertime trips to the beach, (or maybe the cooling shade of a walk in the woods). Recently my family and I took a day trip to the village of […]


Wayne Weekly “Winds of Change”

This past week-end I enjoyed a long term summer breeze. Like perhaps many of you I left my bedroom window open all night and woke several times to experience rushes […]


Wayne Weekly “Close Calls”

It seems that I have experienced some “close calls” this past few weeks. When I say close calls, I am referring to vehicle collisions. It does seem that people are […]

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