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Wayne Weekly is my way off putting down my everyday thoughts and encounters, linking them to our common experiences, and then connecting with God’s truths. Hope you enjoy the adventure!

Wayne Taylor, General Manager


Wayne Weekly “April Fools…All Year Long”

We just came out of another April Fool’s day. I’m not sure if the title means someone who is tricked is a fool or if it refers to the act […]


Wayne Weekly “A Rushing Wind…A Gentle Breeze”

Springtime invites sudden surges of rushing winds and gentle breezes. It’s almost as if the Creator is waking up His creation for the dawning of a new season with the […]


Wayne Weekly “Here, There, or in the Air…!

Did we really expect the weather to stay in the 70’s after our recent jump to late spring? Probably not…but wouldn’t it be nice? We’ve lived in this part of […]

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Wayne Weekly “Slip and Slide…”

Slip and Slide These last few weeks we have not only experienced some serious snowfall, but the freezing-thawing has left some areas of our bodies vulnerable to bruises! By God’s […]


Wayne Weekly “New Year’s…New Fears, New Tears…yes… New Cheers”

New Year’s, New Fears, New Tears…New Cheers 2022 has arrived and will be with us for a full 365 days. Will the New Year be one of new fears, new […]

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