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Wayne Weekly

Wayne Weekly

A weekly note from the General Manager of the Mars Hill Network.

Wayne Weekly: “Spring. What a great gift”

Spring. What a great gift. If you are like most of us springtime brings rejuvenation to the winter weary. It brings along a sense of hopefulness, even some motivation to start afresh. In our climate, it’s time to get out and replenish the vitamin D. Lately, my daughter Jill and I have decided to renew […]

Wayne Weekly “Road Kill”

We all notice it, but keep from focusing on it. It’s a somewhat regular feature in our highway driving experiences. It’s ROADKILL. Somebody has the misfortune of being the implement of destruction. Often that destruction works both ways. I’ve hit a few deer in my travels. That can be very dangerous and I’ve been known […]

Wayne Weekly: “His concern”

Many of us are familiar with the verse 1 Peter 5:7, “casting all your anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you”. Recently I was reminded that the words “He cares for you”, has a much broader or intense meaning than, “He attends to our needs”. It can be understood as “it matters to Him […]

Wayne Weekly: “In like a Lion….out like a Lamb”

It’s often said that March comes “In like a lion, out like a lamb”. If you’re like me, you’re anxiously looking for the   “bah… bah” of the lamb! Though March means spring to so many of us, which is completely understandable, March means much more to the Mars Hill Network. Careathon always occurs in March, […]

Wayne Weekly: The Great Winter of 2015 Pastime

It does seem like every blog I have written recently has to do with the weather or snow or road conditions. Well, one more on winter related events, please. My neighbor to my east was involved in the great winter of 2015 pastime, shoveling snow. Living in the city of Auburn shares the same hassle […]

Wayne Weekly “From the Treasuries”

Snow. Funny, many of us wish for it at Christmas. Skiers will almost die for it anytime. Highway and street maintenance see it as overtime opportunity (despite the tedious, sometimes seemingly unending job of keeping up with the challenge), poets write about it, children love to play in it, school superintendents often struggle to make […]

Wayne Weekly: “The Snowbank of Good Intentions”

Last week I got thinking about one of my neighbors across the street from my house. “Will” knows that I am a Christian. I even invited him to a Bible study that I had intentions of doing a while back, but it never materialized. I pray for Will and his family regularly, as I do […]

Wayne Weekly: “Is Your Sticker Current?”

Car Inspections. If you drive a vehicle more than a few years old, they can be one big trying event. I’ve been through scores of them now and generally know I will probably be paying out more than the inspection fee. This year it was a tie rod end, it morphed into an alignment issue […]

Wayne Weekly: God’s “Life-map” for us

Just last week on my daily jaunt to work from Auburn, traffic was forming a slow moving caravan just east of Skaneateles on Rt. 20. A few vehicles with lights flashing were ahead and men in emergency attire directed all traffic away from continuing on Rt. 20 and directed them onto Rt. 175. A big […]

Wayne Weekly: “Let It Snow”

As I write this weather reports tell us that soon a good portion of our listening area will receive a blanket of snow in various weights. Snow is a way of life in our neck of the woods. We never fail to be in awe at the beauty of freshly fallen snow. We delight in […]