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We hear lots of jingling these days. Sleigh bells being featured on favorite Christmas holiday songs, Salvation Army jingling from those little hand bells and school concert presentations, even church cantatas. Bells have taken on holiday significance. There are other bells, too. The ringing of church bells. These aren’t heard as much these days. The […]

I grew up living just a few miles from a good sized traffic circle, or sometimes called a “round-a-bout”. The circle was not built because of busy traffic congestion, but for smoothness of traffic flow from a number of entry points. I learned early on the meaning of “yield”. My daughter Janelle is currently attending […]

  I paid a visit to my credit union the other day. The tellers seemed to be in an exceptionally joyful mood (maybe because it was early in the day and they were feeling refreshed, I don’t know). As I finished up my business at the window, I overheard the teller at the next window […]

Yesterday morning I had quite a shock as my favorite tree in our yard, and ornamental pear, had lost a huge branch, that nearly made up about one-fourth of the tree. My wife and I were at a loss for words. The tree was relatively young, having planted it maybe 6 or 7 years ago […]

My car, suffering from the bumps and bruises of pot hole laced streets, utility repairs, cracks and other road hazards, finally couldn’t smooth out my ride anymore. It was time for new struts. You may know, vehicle struts are not cheap. When cars used shock absorbers in the front end, things were affordable. That was […]

This morning on our “Mornings” program, host Don G. aired the song Rise and Shine by artist and songwriter, Andrew Peterson. We hear that expression regularly. How many kids were greeted to the day with Mom’s voice melodically declaring, “rise and shine”? Probably a good number. In light of the Christian life, “rise and shine” […]

Last week I opened my garage door at home and saw a bird repeatedly flying into one of the windows, desperately bolting toward the light trying to get to the freedom outside. Earlier in the summer I experienced the same thing. I leave the garage door open, a bird will fly in and perch, then […]

Last week Linnie Greczyn, our administrative assistant here at Mars Hill, treated the staff with fresh picked apples. I grabbed one of these beauties, retreated to my office, and took a healthy bite. Wow, these are good I thought. The apple not only had a great sweet-tart flavor and was super crisp, but it was […]

Looking out of my office window I noticed how a once green foliaged tree now has had a transformation. It is expected, it’s fall. But it seemed to happen so quickly. I would guess that just about everyone welcomes fall’s great colors. After a diet of green throughout the summer months, the change is greeted […]

It’s clean out week on Onondaga Hill, the “mountain”, as our Morning’s host Don Giovanni calls it. On top of Onondaga Hill is where Mars Hill Park is located. Driving into work each day carries with it an interesting view of the “mounds of stuff” that local residents have cleared out of their homes, garages […]

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