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Each year for the past several years, the Mars Hill Network has been a promotional partner for Ron Hutchcraft’s On Eagles Wings Summer of Hope outreach to young Native American Indians. We’re blessed to be able to share weekly reports from OEW on how the Holy Spirit has moved on several reservations as the gospel […]

Just yesterday our afternoon drive announcer, Brian Munse, shared an experience he had had this past week-end on a family camping trip with friends to Eaton Lake in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York. Brian told how the camping trip was an almost “let’s pack it in” before the first stake went into the […]

This past Saturday my wife and I attended our nephew’s two children’s combined birthday party. Peyton turned four, Taylor turned two. It was a great time of family together. Good food and lots of laughing. Peyton and Taylor were enjoying the center of attention, as you can imagine. Mom, her sisters and the Grandma’s were […]

While out on a dog walk this past week-end, I could not help but notice many residents making up for lost time in yard work. Springtime in central New York can only be anticipated in the moment. We normally can’t say, “Oh, its May, great weather has arrived!” It’s more like, “What’s it going to […]

My wife Evie unfortunately must contend with a neurological disorder. As part of the treatment she receives seven to nine Botox injections in her neck every three months at a neurological clinic in Rochester. I go with her to these appointments, of course. As I sit in the injection room just feet away from my […]

What does it take for someone to believe? The account of the resurrection of Christ and His appearing might surprise you. Let’s look at His post resurrection appearances. Jesus first appeared to Mary Magdalene. Who would think that this Mary would be the first to witness the resurrected Christ? At some point Jesus miraculously cast […]

Jesus journey to Jerusalem for that final Passover was one filled with miracles and memorable events. The New Testament city of Jericho was the stage for the healing of Bartimaeus; “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” And Zacchaeus in the Sycamore tree? “Zacchaeus, you come down, for I’m going to your house today!” […]

A lot can change in fifty years. Let’s look at technology. As a kid, I grew up thinking that an Erector Set with a motor was high-tech. A transistor radio was almost out of the sci-fi comics. And as I got older our race to space was an incredible dream come true. I clearly recall […]

The other day my dog was taking me for a walk…well actually the other way around…but I have to wonder. It was early morning and a fresh layer of snow had fallen. What I didn’t know was that beneath that fluff danger lay below. The weather this winter has been, in my perception, a bit […]

As I was running errands the other day, for some reason I seem to be taking notice of all the “only” signs about me. “Left lane only”, “right turn only”, bicycles only”, “pedestrians only”, seemed to be around every corner. We live in an “only” world…and generally we have no trouble with obeying the “onlys” […]

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