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Wayne Weekly: Ants on My Windowsill

Written by on April 26, 2024

In all the years I have been in my office at the Mars Hill Network I have never had ants. Yes, ants. The little ones. Not the big black ones that destroy wood, or the red ones that smell, just regular little ants out looking for food.

I’m not a big one for killing things for no reason. I hesitate in squishing them out of existence. But so many were appearing on my office windowsill, I had to take drastic action. The little busy creatures were migrating to my desktop.

Yes, I let our groundskeeper and maintenance person know. I also let our engineering department know as they oversee maintenance. The solution is always some kind of poison. Bait traps, toxic liquids made for just this problem, or spraying the building foundation. I guess it is inevitable, someone has to die. It’s that or have my office be overtaken.

Spring brings with it lots of great feelings and much exciting anticipation of warm temperatures and outdoor activity. But it also can mean a new army of inconvenient intruders by land or by air. Nothing comes without a hitch in a fallen world.

As Christians, we look forward to eternity’s perfection. We look to a time when we’ll no longer be experiencing outer and inner corruption. We know God’s Word tells us, “all creation groans waiting for the day of redemption.”

So, while we’re here on this part of our eternal journey, we bear the pitfalls of a fallen world, but we bear it with hope.

Sometimes you just need to squish to make it livable.


I can do all things through him who strengthens me.           Philippians 4:13

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