Wayne Weekly: “Bus 22…Not Quite a Ride to Glory Land”

Written by on June 19, 2015

We all have different ways of expressing our joy or happiness. I don’t quite know what breaking into ones “happy dance” is…but I can pretty much imagine! I know “jump for joy” or “bursting at the seams”. Or how about the verbal “Yesssss” or “give me five”. Remember “right on”?

The other day Kevin Kloss, our program director, Rob Poulsen, our Director of Partner Relations, and I, headed up North to Malone, NY to meet with Pastors and Christian Leaders at a Mars Hill sponsored luncheon. The luncheon was put together by Mars Hill, Pastor Don Work of Dickenson Center Baptist, and Bryan Eggleston of Adirondack Gospel Connection ministry. Pastor Don has been a longtime friend of MHN and serves as one of our Pastors on our Pastor for the Day feature. Bryan directs Adirondack Gospel Connection. They were catalysts of building a station in the Malone area and are largely responsible for its continued physical wellbeing and service to that area. The event was a blessing.

Kevin, Rob, and I had a great time of fellowship both traveling to and driving home from Malone. It’s about a four hour trip one way, so we had plenty of time to share stories.

Now about “Bus 22”. Rob, who has a healthy stamina for conversation, kept Kevin and I engaged in listening to tales about rusty VW parts, a green Ford LTD, an 80s vintage pop up camper with a broken lifter cable that someday Rob is going to fix, his Father’s ad hoc family vacation trips to Niagara Falls and Canada, and many more interesting life narratives. But the most fascinating were stories about Rob’s career as a professional bus driver for a tour bus company. In the midst of explaining certain trips, certain passenger groups, and certain problems with bus restroom holding tanks, out of the darkness came a stream of joy…“Bus 22”.

Rob with a smile on his face and glimmer in his eye, spoke of his affection for “Bus 22”. Bus 24 did not cut it, according to Rob…but “Bus 22”, now there was a “dream on wheels” (probably 8 wheels, I didn’t ask).

Kevin and I promptly pick up on the joy expressed in Rob’s remembrance of “Bus 22”. In a matter of seconds it became synonymous with “a happy dance” or a “Yessss”. It seemed that it was about to merge into the English language as a world-wide standard exuberant expression of joy!

Well, perhaps not. But there is a timeless word that is universal and says it all, “Halleluiah” And that is the ultimate expression of joy and happiness.

Move over “Bus 22”, the “Hallelujah” Express is passing you by.


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