New Programs

Every so often, we add new programs on the Mars Hill Network’s broadcast that unfold God’s love & bring hope in the journey to our listeners.  Here are some of the newer programs we’ve added to our broadcast:

Chosen People Today

This special feature, brought to you by Chosen People Ministries, encourages you to reach out & minister the message of the Gospel to the Jewish community, while (at the same time) exploring the Old Testament and the special history of God working in & through His people Israel.

Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

A new program coming to the Hilltop Kids Corner!  Featuring internationally acclaimed actors, these award-winning audio dramas are brought right to you from our friends at Focus on the Family. It’s sure to stir the imagination of your family each week, both the young and young at heart.

Friends of Israel Today

This new program is an outreach of The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry.  It’s 25 minutes long and includes Bible teaching, Q & A, interviews, & dramatic readings – looking at the Scripture through the lens of its original context.

License to Parent

This one-minute feature is a resource for parents who are tackling those difficult issues facing our kids & families in society today.  The feature is hosted by Trace Embry, founder & executive director of Shepherd’s Hill Academy, a residential treatment program for teens & families in crisis.

Moving Forward Minute

A daily 60-second broadcast intended to encourage the listener with God’s Word to keep moving forward in their faith in Jesus Christ. Each minute brings a portion of Scripture along with an engaging illustration from Dr. Stephen Rummage, Senior Pastor of Quail Springs Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, OK, that will help you apply God’s Word to your life.

Moving Moments

This new, one-minute special feature is brought to you by radio host Cindy Tang.  This program is all about making the most of our moments each day, taking each moment captive and bringing Christ into the center of it.  It’s a moment you won’t want to miss, a rich moment of true hope & perspective.

Salvation Army Today

A new short feature bringing you up-to-date news on the Salvation Army from all around the world.  They talk about current events and how the Salvation Army is helping out & reaching out with the Gospel message.

Teach Kids

A new special feature brought to you by Child Evangelism Fellowship.  This program gives Christian parents & children’s ministry workers one minute of “How To” tips on Gospel parenting, evangelism & discipleship.  A great resource in difficult times.

Treasured Truth

This program contains 24 minutes of powerful Bible-teaching and godly wisdom that we can apply that to our lives, our marriages & our daily walks with the Lord Jesus Christ.  The program is hosted by James Ford Jr., senior pastor of Christ Bible Church in Chicago, IL.

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