New Programs

Every so often, we add new programs on the Mars Hill Network’s broadcast that unfold God’s love & bring hope in the journey to our listeners.  Here are some of the newer programs we’ve added to our broadcast:

Core Christianity

Hosted by Ariel Sanchez, a pastor & church planter in San Diego, California, and Dr. Bill Maier, a veteran broadcaster with over 25 years in radio and doctoral degree in clinical psychology, the program takes questions about Christianity and addresses them with sound theology, doctrine and the truth of the Scriptures. It’s a great, engaging discussion on the core truths of the Christian faith.

The Gospel Hour

Our newest music hour on the network!  Giving God praise with traditional music from artists like Mahalia Jackson to newer artists like Jonathan McReynolds. Also features a one-minute pastor moment with a different pastor being featured each month.

More Than Enough – Foster Care Minute

One of our newest short features on the network.  Brought to you by Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO), this short feature highlights the importance of foster care and how Christians can get involved/support those who are.

Retirement Reformation

How’s retirement going? Maybe you find yourself a bit restless, thinking perhaps there’s something more you could be doing… something more to be living for.  This weekend feature talks about finding God’s call in all seasons and aspects of life, including retirement. The program is hosted by Bruce Bruinsma (BRINES-MUH), founder & CEO of Envoy Financial, a retirement provider serving those in ministry.

Teach Kids

A new special feature brought to you by Child Evangelism Fellowship.  This program gives Christian parents & children’s ministry workers one minute of “How To” tips on Gospel parenting, evangelism & discipleship.  A great resource in difficult times.

Think With Me

A daily feature full of nuggets from God’s Word to stimulate your thinking and help you in your walk with God. The program is hosted by Milton Kornegay, senior pastor at Central Baptist Church in Syracuse, NY, and also one of our pastors for the day (PFDs).

Treasured Truth

This program contains 24 minutes of powerful Bible-teaching and godly wisdom that we can apply that to our lives, our marriages & our daily walks with the Lord Jesus Christ.  The program is hosted by James Ford Jr., senior pastor of Christ Bible Church in Chicago, IL.

Washington Watch

This daily feature from Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, brings you up-to-date news on our nation and commentary each day from a Biblical perspective.

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