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My car, suffering from the bumps and bruises of pot hole laced streets, utility repairs, cracks and other road hazards, finally couldn’t smooth out my ride anymore. It was time for new struts. You may know, vehicle struts are not cheap. When cars used shock absorbers in the front end, things were affordable. That was […]

This morning on our “Mornings” program, host Don G. aired the song Rise and Shine by artist and songwriter, Andrew Peterson. We hear that expression regularly. How many kids were greeted to the day with Mom’s voice melodically declaring, “rise and shine”? Probably a good number. In light of the Christian life, “rise and shine” […]

Last week I opened my garage door at home and saw a bird repeatedly flying into one of the windows, desperately bolting toward the light trying to get to the freedom outside. Earlier in the summer I experienced the same thing. I leave the garage door open, a bird will fly in and perch, then […]

Last week Linnie Greczyn, our administrative assistant here at Mars Hill, treated the staff with fresh picked apples. I grabbed one of these beauties, retreated to my office, and took a healthy bite. Wow, these are good I thought. The apple not only had a great sweet-tart flavor and was super crisp, but it was […]

Looking out of my office window I noticed how a once green foliaged tree now has had a transformation. It is expected, it’s fall. But it seemed to happen so quickly. I would guess that just about everyone welcomes fall’s great colors. After a diet of green throughout the summer months, the change is greeted […]

It’s clean out week on Onondaga Hill, the “mountain”, as our Morning’s host Don Giovanni calls it. On top of Onondaga Hill is where Mars Hill Park is located. Driving into work each day carries with it an interesting view of the “mounds of stuff” that local residents have cleared out of their homes, garages […]

As I write this it is the 16th anniversary of the attack on our nation, which we have named nine-eleven, it also the tail end of hurricane Irma’s attack on Florida and points northward, and Harvey’s invasion of Texas and Louisiana, and don’t forget about the massive wild fires out west. All disasters. And regardless […]

If you live in Central New York, there are milestones one crosses that signifies the end of summer. For many it’s thinking about heavier clothing, or storing the warm weather camping gear, bringing in the lawn furniture, pulling the boat out of the water, seeing the NY State Fair come and go. Though Labor Day […]

Generally, I try to do my own work when it comes to home repairs. Those tasks that I have confidence that I can begin and conclude successfully. I normally take the challenge. This summer I had to install two replacement windows, I’ve done that before several times. One in our kitchen to let more light […]

I guess you could say I’m on a bicycle “roll”.   This past weekend I spent a considerable amount of time not riding a bicycle, but tuning one up…or at least attempting to.   I began by reading a book that came with one of our bicycles. It was very helpful in setting up the […]

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