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When I was a kid, I spent ten years growing up in Weedsport, N.Y. Weedsport was an Erie Canal “port”. The canal that ran through the village has been long filled and paved over, and now known as Erie Drive. Living in a small rural village was a massive playground for a young adventurer. Whether […]

It was over 40 years ago my practical Christian work assignment was given me while at Word of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI). I was assigned to what was known as the “New York City Team”. After class on Fridays, about six or eight of us would load up a WOLBI van and head on down […]

The “Otter” While picking up supplies at a local drugstore this past week I noticed some commotion going on at the front checkout. A shabbily dressed man was reeling back and forth while withdrawing payment from his wallet. His concentrated effort reminded me of putting the final playing card on top of a teetering house […]

A short time ago while at a local Wegman’s grocery store I once again spotted a familiar figure, a man I’ll call Don. Don is one of those Helping Hands employees that round up shopping carts. I had seen this fellow a good number of times before that day as I sometimes stop at that […]

This past winter I purchased a “new to me” vehicle that was almost my dream car. I had driven my Nissan for eight plus years, and it was still running good with almost two-hundred thousand miles racked up. My wife, Evie, is a pro at managing our financial affairs. After we purchased the 2008 Nissan […]

Last week I heard a message by the late Dr. R.C. Sproul on the subject of joy. It was such a light hearted and really, “fun” message that drove home what “joy” really is. Dr. Sproul gave personal examples that made me laugh out loud (I’ll refrain from using the acrostic LOL). He reflected on […]

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.”  2Cor. 5:17                                 As Christians, we claim this promise and strive to “walk in the Spirit and not carry out the desires of the flesh.” The carnal is the flesh. Though we are new creatures […]

March is transition time weather-wise. We look hard for thaws, “spring-ish” days, and an introduction into a new season. Among those sought after days we trudge through winter storms, dark skies, and “when is spring coming…?” librettos! Here at Mars Hill we are not only immersed in the hope for spring, but the planning and […]

So often the entrance to Heaven is referred to the “pearly gates”. St. Peter seems to always be stationed there at his post verifying entrance into the celestial kingdom. The scriptures do speak of “gates” in the New Jerusalem, twelve of them to be exact, made of pearls (Rev. 21:21). The truth is, we see […]

Our hearts are broken. The senseless shootings and loss of young lives at Parkland are pretty hard to bare. I went on line and looked at the faces of the seventeen victims who died for seemingly nothing. That was a reality check. You look at the young faces with hopefully a promising future now snuffed […]