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When I began working at the Mars Hill Network almost thirty-nine years ago, I was hired as “Night Manager”. I think former General Manager Gordon Bell (Mr. Bell hired me), gave the overnight announcer that title to give a sense of responsibility, and some added encouragement, during those solo night hours. Working alone in the […]

I wondered if it would happen, that is, people going haywire with wire after wire of Christmas lights adorning the outside of their homes. We have all grown weary of the bad, dreary news. Wanting to brighten things up beyond the norm, just seems like the right thing to do. I’ve been told that Christmas […]

I t came on unexpectedly. Right before me a window perhaps three feet wide by five feet high gave clear view of an area that boasted row after row of some of the most irresistible temptations a person can be enticed by. I wasn’t seeking out this display of enticement. I only turned my head […]

I have a neighborhood Gavras Center home housing persons with developmental and/or physical disabilities. It is just around the corner of my house. I often pass by on dog walks…or my sporadic exercise routine. This past year I made a friend residing there. Her name is Nancy. Nancy spends the good weather days sitting on […]

The other day while traveling north on Interstate 81 to pick up Tom Herbert and then onto Watertown for a luncheon with area pastors I had a “close call”. Driving in the middle lane of 81, doing the 65 mph speed limit (give or take) I noticed some kind of truck in the far left […]

This morning I opened my office door, ready for a day’s work. Nothing out of the ordinary, just another Monday. As the door swung open I glanced toward my desk. The front office staff, Linda our Business Manager and Linnie our Administrative Assistant, earlier in the year, had placed an impressive looking plant on the […]

The word “omen” has gotten a bad wrap over the years, due primarily to a series of Hollywood movies with an evil theme. The dictionary gives this definition: An occurrence or phenomenon believed to portend (foreshadow) a future event. Simply put, an omen can be a good omen, like seeing a Robin, an omen that […]

I smelled the autumn leaves yesterday. I heard the crunch under my feet. I explored the reds and golds and yellows. It was a grand moment. So often the present, a memory being made, propels you back in time to like experiences, to memories of days gone by. Most memories are good. Bad memories can […]

Just a few days ago many were lamenting over the snow covered highways, having to don our winter coats, or a layer or two of our fall wear. We shook our heads and reluctantly resigned to the reality that the autumn days of colorful foliage and moderate temperatures had hibernated. That is until today. We […]

After what I’ll call a “time-out”, I thought I would give “Wayne Weekly” another go at it. With the Covid-19 reference being so widely circulated, I thought I would turn our attention to another “19”. 1 John 4:19 is a well-known verse, and probably has been committed to memory by many believers:   “We love, […]