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I’ve been reading the book of Job during my daily devotions. I will say that gleaning a fresh application to life from the book can sometimes be challenging. Jobs, ah, […]

One thing we all can agree on, especially as we approach our twilight years, our stay on earth is brief. God original plan was that we would live forever, in […]

It’s March. Daylight Savings Time, St. Patrick’s Day, First Day of Spring, and Mars Hill Careathon! Clocks “spring ahead”, time for the “wearin’ of the green” for Irish friends, and […]

Here we are ringing in the New Year…or should I say wringing our hands in the New Year? As we reflect on 2022, we don’t get that great of an […]

A month out from Christmas and were happily planning when to decorate, what gifts to buy, traveling plans, and even planning the Christmas meal and baked goodies. Three weeks out […]

What is your favorite month? The majority of those surveyed say that October is their favorite month of the year. You might think a spring month, or summer month, or […]

You may have heard the expression “every dog has its day”. The definition according to the internet is “everyone will have good luck or success at some point in their […]

With all the hoopla about green energy and “climate change”, I find myself growing tired of the subject. Sure, electric vehicles are a great idea, but c’mon, it’s obvious that […]

We just came out of another April Fool’s day. I’m not sure if the title means someone who is tricked is a fool or if it refers to the act […]

Springtime invites sudden surges of rushing winds and gentle breezes. It’s almost as if the Creator is waking up His creation for the dawning of a new season with the […]