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After what I’ll call a “time-out”, I thought I would give “Wayne Weekly” another go at it. With the Covid-19 reference being so widely circulated, I thought I would turn our attention to another “19”. 1 John 4:19 is a well-known verse, and probably has been committed to memory by many believers:   “We love, […]

Most of us have an attic or closet area that we store our Christmas decorations in. We have a corner in our attic that have boxes & plastic totes full of memories. Along with the garland and lights we have tree ornaments, many that have a story or special meaning. I will say that now […]

I tried. I tried to extend the life of my furnace by buying a new Honeywell replacement gas valve. I hired a HVAC specialist (heating, ventilation, air conditioning guy) to do the changeover. I actually believed that my 18 year old high efficiency furnace would be with me till the end. I thought we were […]

During my Dazy Dew daily duty dog walk, early morning edition, I saw an “iceberg”, well really a plowed remnant of what was left of our November snowstorm. That surprised me a little since I thought the warmer temperature of this past week would have melted any trace of our November, January like, event. The […]

Thanksgiving is one holiday that, other than the emphasis on being thankful, is much about food! Yes, Christmas means a family meal, summer holidays mean picnics, but Thanksgiving…now that’s a “mouthful”! Thanksgiving memories can bring visions of family gathered around a crowded table enjoying a home cooked dinner. Or maybe the after diner living room […]

I think we were broad sided this past week with a winter storm that left many of our roads a challenge to maneuver, and patches of ice on sidewalks that activated our “on-board” human radar as we navigated sidewalks and parking lots.  As I grow older, I find myself a bit more patient with slow […]

There is something special about November. Most of us celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday and have opportunity to be with loved ones, often enjoying a feast representing the “plentiful bounty” that God has provided. We are blessed by one of the few holidays that doesn’t spell, retail! But other than the warmth of Thanksgiving, November has […]

Last spring while making some adjustments to my furnace I noticed that things did not look quite right through my right eye. I found that images that had vertical lines seemed bent and distorted. I rubbed my eye and blinked a few times thinking that may remedy the problem. I thought, “Maybe some tearing is […]

  Just a few weeks ago I had the absolute joy of speaking at the morning service of one of Mars Hill Network’s supporting churches. A growing number of churches have decided to support Mars Hill as a local mission outreach, and occasionally we’re asked to speak and present the ministry of the Mars Hill […]

There I was suspended between heaven and earth. I was precariously balancing the best I could glaring down at the terrain below. My full coffee cup gloating back at me daring me to crash land and spill its contents into the sand. It was a beautiful morning at Fair Haven Beach State Park. My wife […]