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Jesus journey to Jerusalem for that final Passover was one filled with miracles and memorable events. The New Testament city of Jericho was the stage for the healing of Bartimaeus; […]

A lot can change in fifty years. Let’s look at technology. As a kid, I grew up thinking that an Erector Set with a motor was high-tech. A transistor radio […]

The other day my dog was taking me for a walk…well actually the other way around…but I have to wonder. It was early morning and a fresh layer of snow […]

As I was running errands the other day, for some reason I seem to be taking notice of all the “only” signs about me. “Left lane only”, “right turn only”, […]

When NY Gouverneur Cuomo trumpeted the news that he would be signing the most radical abortion expansion bill ever contrived in America, many mouths dropped wide open in shock, while […]

  Most of us are probably familiar with the cliché, “there is strength in numbers”. That makes sense, generally speaking larger armies have the overwhelming advantage over a small one. […]

It’s 2019. Honestly, as I grow in years the New Year’s numerals don’t seem to mean as much as they once did. Another new day comes about after 24 hours. […]

It’s interesting that we now have names for those born in specific generations. You know, the names of generations like Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen Xers, Generation Y, and Generation Z. […]

Snowmen seem to becoming less and less common these days. It may be because Mom’s would send their kids outside to play in the snow, rather than playing video games […]

While walking our family puggle, Daizy Dew early this morning, I was surprised to see a US Postal Delivery Truck slowed for a stop sign. I don’t recall ever seeing […]

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