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Wayne Weekly: “The Snowbank of Good Intentions”

Written by on February 4, 2015

Last week I got thinking about one of my neighbors across the street from my house. “Will” knows that I am a Christian. I even invited him to a Bible study that I had intentions of doing a while back, but it never materialized. I pray for Will and his family regularly, as I do the rest of my neighborhood. While thinking and praying for Will, I felt I needed to become focused on my mission of sharing Christ with him in a straightforward meaningful way. Good intentions somehow seem to just stay “good intentions”.

Fast forward to last week just after one of our winter snowstorm adventures.

I had just backed out of my newly shoveled driveway on to the road. I was running a bit late and knew my commute to work would likely take somewhat longer than normal. I needed to get going.

As I drove by Will’s driveway, I saw him down near his garage, his truck jammed into a large snowbank. Will just stood there assessing the situation. I crept past his driveway and knew that I needed to back-up and ask my neighbor if he needed help. He did.

After just a few minutes of team work, we were able to free up the truck. Will thanked me and said “Wayne, I owe you one!” “No, Will, you don’t, but let’s have coffee together soon.” With a smile Will agreed.

It’s my move now. I can either get stuck in the “snowbank of good intentions” and spin my wheels, or, with God’s help, give myself a push to get un-stuck, straighten up my wheels, and get going.

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