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Wayne Weekly “From the Treasuries”

Written by on February 11, 2015

Snow. Funny, many of us wish for it at Christmas. Skiers will almost die for it anytime. Highway and street maintenance see it as overtime opportunity (despite the tedious, sometimes seemingly unending job of keeping up with the challenge), poets write about it, children love to play in it, school superintendents often struggle to make decisions about it, meteorologists report on it, people talk about it (I guess I’m guilty).

Snow. It’s beautiful, it’s a wonderland. It’s soft, it’s crunchy, it’s squeaky on a very cold day. Snow is light, it’s heavy, it’s wet or it’s dry. It’s flaky.  It can be icy, it can be a flurry, a shower or it can be a squall. It’s described as a blanket or a covering, a powder. Snow is white, it’s bluish. It’s shiny, it’s crystal-like. Snow can be deep, it can be a dusting. It’s found gently falling from the sky, or found in the winds of a blizzard.

It’s all of the above…and is from the Above.

“For He saith to the snow, Be thou on earth;” Job 37:6

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