Wayne Weekly “Road Kill”

Written by on April 13, 2015

We all notice it, but keep from focusing on it. It’s a somewhat regular feature in our highway driving experiences. It’s ROADKILL. Somebody has the misfortune of being the implement of destruction. Often that destruction works both ways. I’ve hit a few deer in my travels. That can be very dangerous and I’ve been known to warn my family about deer on regular occasion. Possums, squirrels, raccoons, sadly dogs and cats, and even birds. Oh, and don’t hit a skunk. That event can linger not only in the mind…but in the nose. Regardless, most of us don’t want to end a creatures life.

ROAD KILL. It is a reality we don’t relish, whether we’re directly involved or not.

Sometimes, as hurried people, we can get careless. In our rush to accomplish our tasks we selfishly can run over others. Perhaps we don’t leave death in our wakes, but we sure can hurt people, create anger in them, and as a believer in Christ, we can leave a wreck of a testimony.

Let’s equip ourselves from being a participant in road kill. Let’s seek to be filled with the Spirit. Put Him in the driver’s seat.

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