Wayne Weekly: “Spring. What a great gift”

Written by on May 4, 2015

Spring. What a great gift. If you are like most of us springtime brings rejuvenation to the winter weary. It brings along a sense of hopefulness, even some motivation to start afresh. In our climate, it’s time to get out and replenish the vitamin D.

Lately, my daughter Jill and I have decided to renew our forgotten commitment to “walk”. What a great way to get fresh air, stretch the muscles, and experience your surroundings. It’s great to discover dates on sidewalks and buildings, see interesting craftsmanship on older homes, and take in the wild life. You may even discover who your neighbors are. If you have a partner, good conversation can be part of your walk. Jill and I have often sang songs together as we walked.

I often find, when I walk solo, that walking is an ideal situation for prayer. If I were to total up the time I spent in petition to our God while moving through the streets of my city, I think it would rival my time in prayer in almost every other venue. Working on Scripture memory…that works great as you walk, too. Walking is a great time of communing with the Lord.

So why not during this spring, spring from your chair, if you’re able, and walk.

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