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Wayne Weekly: Charging our Batteries for 2015

Written by on January 20, 2015

pastor-for-the-dayWith record low temperatures in January many of us have had our share of cold related problems. Naturally, a working home heating system is a priority. We sure are thankful for a warm place to call home. Another primary concern, our automobiles.

Recently my wife, daughter Jill, and I ventured out to do some “after Christmas gift returns” to a Syracuse area store. While driving around my daughter pointed to a corner house turned business on a main street and announced that she had heard about that antique shop, and had wanted to someday “pay it a visit”. My wife Evie was all for making that someday, “today”. “OK”, I said, “let’s do it, but I’ll stay in the car and wait for you”. I just didn’t feel much like walking through the shop and, I thought me staying in the car might lend to a shorter visit!

Shortly after Evie and Jill left the car, I turned the engine off and waited. What I hoped would be a 10 minute pause became a 30 minute stopover. When the girls arrived back and I attempted to start the car, I was alarmed to hear a slow, labored cranking of the engine. “Oh no, the battery is dying”. I quickly realized I had left my headlights on for the duration, and since my battery was over 7 years old, and we were in the midst of very cold weather…well, I did the math.

It’s great to have AAA. The driver jumped my vehicle and did some tests. He told me that my battery was no longer charging adequately. “You need to buy another”, he said. Wal-Mart was close by and the fix was complete.

As Christians, we experience times of losing our cranking power, too. We may be trying to turn over the motor to get back on the road, but somehow trying to do it in our own power doesn’t provide the energy needed to start our engines.

Like an automobile, we sometimes need a battery change, a renewed supply of power. Perhaps it is increasing the time we spend with the Lord. Perhaps we need to get powered up by more Bible study, or Scripture memorization, or church attendance, or intensifying our prayer effort. Maybe it’s simply physical; we need more rest, less exposure to stressful situations, a time of retreat, a change in diet and counter-productive habits.

In 2015, let’s take a good look at the condition of our spiritual batteries, and make provisions to help us charge up for the New Year. Let’s power up with God.

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