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Revive Our Hearts

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Revive Our Hearts

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Musings About MHR Canada

What’s happened since 1992? God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.  Thankfully, there are times that He moves in us His purposes to perform – especially when we […]

What goes around, comes around Last month you read a little about the Open Mic program.  In the early days, it was necessary to drive to the station to be […]

History and then some Open Mic a closed down program. Many of you probably remember the Open Mic program, that was on Friday evenings.  For me, it was a real […]

We are but mortals, but memories are important Two years ago – wow time passes fast – John Gurr died. That probably doesn’t mean anything to most of you other […]

A special partner in Ministry As a tribute to their kindness to Mars Hill Radio Canada, it is a pleasure to provide a bit of a history as to our […]

Notes and Letters are appreciated By God’s appointment, I have been the voluntary treasurer of Mars Hill Radio Canada for a bunch of years. The word “voluntary” is used only […]

Thinking about the past and future What happened to the seasonal hymn sings? Do you remember them? For a number of years in the early 2000’s Mars Hill Radio Canada […]

Bother crossings! How long will Covid-19 and its variants cause difficulties at the boarder between Canada and the USA.  Thankfully, not all crossings are a bother especially for those going […]

Religious stations in Canada? – that would be great. Or maybe not when one understands its definition by the CRTC1 (our governing body of radio and television licensing). Christian radio […]

What happened to the Emergency Alert Signal (EAS): that piercing tone that would, without notice, disrupt a program being aired? I haven’t heard it in a long time. When we […]