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Musings About MHR Canada: Excerpt #22

Written by on August 12, 2022

What’s happened since 1992?

God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.  Thankfully, there are times that He moves in us His purposes to perform – especially when we use His Word to work the wonder.

As noted in a previous column, on an Open Mic program the guest never had an inkling as to what question might be asked of him or her to answer.  There are times when an inquiry about a specific inquiry may seem easy to give a scriptural response.  But how does one answer a question about divorce when societal norms are rapidly changing?  No matter what, any time a question is asked like “what do you think about divorce?” a truly biblical answer must be provided!

And that was the question by Nathanael on 8 May 1992. This question required a legitimate biblical response – an opinion means nothing – it’s a matter of “what saith the LORD”.

Two weeks after the program, a letter was received addressed to the station from a lady who did not identify herself.  This correspondence was an example of how the Lord had worked in a mysterious way His purpose to perform – through the Open Mic program that night.

Open Mic call-in discussion.  Not desirous of listening to a talk show, he flipped to several other stations that didn’t suit the mood.  WMHR was again tuned in just as Nathanael asked his question.  The only response, was a number of verses from the scripture, including:

“What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder”  – Matthew 19:6

“But unto the married I command, yet not I, but the Lord: Let not the wife depart from her husband … And let not the husband put away his wife”  – 1 Corinthians 7:10-11

When this couple got home, the husband said, “well I guess I can’t go through with my earlier comment”.

This was a good lesson to me underlining the fact that it’s not one’s opinion that God uses to convict a heart, it’s His Word!

Since receiving that letter in 1992, I have prayed for this woman and her husband as I have often wondered if they are still together.  Sure hope so!

Submitted by Hank Blok
Secretary-treasurer, Mars Hill Radio Canada

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