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Musings About MHR Canada: Excerpt #26

Written by on December 9, 2022

They come and they go. And some even come back!

Believe it or not, this “musing” is being written on November 29-30, 2021. And now it is being read over a year later. That’s how some of us operate… I submit a whole year supply of “musings from MHR Canada” at a time so that Teddy, the editor of the weekly Mars Hill Network Newsletter, knows he has the material for my monthly contributions and doesn’t have to ask for it on a regular basis. But that is not the subject of this blog today… it’s “they come and they go!”

As this is being written (to you readers that’s over a year ago, remember?) we lost a MHN staff member to whom I had grown close as we shared some great air-time and conversations over some 31 years. Dawn Sessler, was one of those amazing on-air and behind the scenes person! She would sometimes ask me if I could do some Northern Spotlight programs. Try as I did, only a couple of people agreed to do them with me, and that was over a two-year period! I really don’t know how she was able to get a Spotlight and A Closer Look interview for almost every day for the years these programs were aired by her.

How many past announcers can you name? Here are a few: Wayne Taylor did the children’s program for a while. There was a couple Jim Jansen and his wife – what was her name? Roger Thair, and a Karin from Egypt and Peter Jordan: these go way back. Warren Ottey was the best sports commentator ever on the MHR network but he slipped up and slid out.

How about Managers? Gordon Bell, John Green and then Wayne Taylor… I think that’s all.

What about the office staff? Yolanda (Lonnie) Thompson and Bonny Wilson were some of the first I remember. As with Lonnie, I now have a lot more conversations and work with Linnie (Linda Greczyn) an administrative assistant as we pass on “MHN Friend” donations and address information. Lonnie and Linnie; both admin assistants, interesting, eh?

I’ll bet you don’t know many of the office staff and others behind the scenes, eh? Maybe it’s time you visited the station (calling first is a great idea) and get to meet them. There’s still the engineering staff, business manager, Partner relations, Digital Media, News director, weather man (oops, I should say Meteorologist!) and even the cleaners (oops again – Sanitation Managers). Everyone is important and has a lot to share – I just wish I knew them all better. Tom Herbert is the only one I can remember that came and left and came back again but there might be another one or two???

Maybe Teddy should have a contest to see who can remember the most names. Those of us who started listening in the 70’s wouldn’t really have an advantage over you who started listening much later because we’re getting pretty old and forgetful by now. Go for it, Teddy, why not try a naming contest through the Newsletter? Or talk to Brian to see if an on-air challenge could be made. I might even see if I can beat the bushes for some prises! You might say that some contestants might get help from the staff webpage and at least get a glimpse of some of the dedicated people now working at the station but let’s really see how many staffers, and what positions they hold and/or held, can be remembered!

Submitted by Hank Blok (with my tongue in my cheek)
Secretary-treasurer, Mars Hill Radio Canada

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