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Musings About MHR Canada: Excerpt #20

Written by on June 9, 2022

History and then some

Open Mic a closed down program.

Many of you probably remember the Open Mic program, that was on Friday evenings.  For me, it was a real learning experience being a guest on the air every fifth Friday of the month.  Those were the programs when the listeners could ask any question about the scriptures.  How do you prepare for such a program other than by prayer?  Some of the questions still stick in my mind:

  1. Are there horses in Heaven, seeing that in the Revelation 6 there are angels on four horses come to plague the earth?
  2. Why were there no hammers, axes or tools of iron used in the actual construction of the Temple on the building site (1 Kings 6:7)?

These are questions that one usually might not think about, and yet they need to be answered sometimes.  That’s where the learning comes from.  One doesn’t know what he or she may believe about a specific subject until an answer has been formulated in the brain (with the Spirit’s help) and then voiced out loud in replying to the person asking.  This benefited both the questioner and the responder.

For some 16 years, those were great programs for me with the “forced” learning about things that otherwise may never have crossed my mind.  I trust that a lot of the MHN listeners also enjoyed the program and learned more about the treasures that can be dug out of the Bible.  This seemed to be verified by the fact that those fifth Fridays of the month generally had more callers joining the program than other subjects.  But now, the Open Mic program is gone.

This got me to thinking…

Could this E-Newsletter be a new platform for asking questions?  The editor of this weekly communiqué is good to have a weekly spot to ask their readers a question, seeking your assistance to address items of interest.  Might the station management agree to have you, the reader and audience ask a question about ANY biblical subject and a panel of, say three or four scholars, answer the inquiry in the next week’s edition.  As in the Open Mic program, the question could also be answered by our Mars Hill audience… what thinkest thou, Teddy?

Submitted by Hank Blok
Secretary-treasurer, Mars Hill Radio Canada

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