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Musings About MHR Canada: Excerpt #21

Written by on July 20, 2022

What goes around, comes around

Last month you read a little about the Open Mic program.  In the early days, it was necessary to drive to the station to be a guest on the air.  Then progress in equipment and knowhow allowed a telephone conversation with the guest sitting in the comfort of his or her own home and still address a chosen subject on the air, answering caller’s questions from another line.  Now Zoom allows oodles of people to join a conversation.  Reminds me of our telephone party line in the 1950’s and 60’s with ten or twelve homes on the same line… any one of them could listen to your conversation and even join in.  It looks like we’ve come full circle, only now, we need more sophisticated equipment!  But I digress.

It had always been my personal preference to drive from Kingston to the Syracuse station than to sit at home to be on the program by telephone.  This also allowed an opportunity to visit and fellowship with the staff at the station.  Actually, with the Open Mic program, the physical presence at the station made me feel a closer connection with the callers as well as with the program host.  It was always encouraging to be at the station and have the opportunity to get to know the on-air personnel and support staff.

You may have heard the staff say that they really appreciate contact with the audience of the Mars Hill Network.  Being behind a microphone all alone in the studio can make them wonder who is listening, or, is what they are saying being a help or blessing to someone out there?   Of course, they know that there is a good amount of people listening but it is so intangible.  There again, the Open Mic setting allowed some contact with MHN listeners who called in to the program.  But that’s gone now.

Would you like to let the staff know that you’re listening – be an encourager?  Consider this:

  • Pray for individual staff and the ministry in general;
  • Include a note of encouragement to a staff member when you send in your support;
  • Come on by the station and visit – bring a snack: stay awhile – but call first;
  • Make an appointment and bring in your home-schoolers to learn about broadcasting;

As you invite the Mars Hill Network into your homes and enjoy their visits, the MHN staff would like to invite you to “come-on by and say Hi!”

Submitted by Hank Blok
Secretary-treasurer, Mars Hill Radio Canada

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