Wayne Weekly: The Great Winter of 2015 Pastime

Written by on February 25, 2015

It does seem like every blog I have written recently has to do with the weather or snow or road conditions. Well, one more on winter related events, please.

My neighbor to my east was involved in the great winter of 2015 pastime, shoveling snow. Living in the city of Auburn shares the same hassle of shoveling (or blowing) snow, and then the city plows come by and fill in your driveway. I know they don’t do that on purpose…but sometimes the flesh would swear that they do.

Well, while out tackling the task, I glanced over and saw my neighbor hard at work clearing his sidewalk. I know he has a snow blower (so do I), but I realized that I had not seen him use it. “Where’s your blower?”, I hollered over. His reply, “I don’t know how to use it!”. Well, this was curious, why have the back saver just sitting around. My neighbor explained that he had always had others use it on his previous property, so it just sits. I told him I would be glad to help him learn to operate it.

A few days later I ventured over to his property, snow blower moved to the front of his garage. I checked the gas and oil, adjusted the choke, pushed up the throttle, and pushed his electric start (he had it plugged in). It fired! For a few seconds. I tried it again…the same. My neighbor bolted out of his house at the sound of the short lived rumbling sporting a big smile. “What did you do?” he said, “It just turned over and didn’t fire for my buddy who visited me. “Well, don’t get too excited, it keeps shutting down”, I said.

I asked him a few questions, then began investigating the engine. It wasn’t long before I spotted the problem. The fuel valve was turned off. With a quick flick of the wrist, and another push on the start button…rrroar. Good to go.

I gave my neighbor a few lessons and he, with great joy, began to blow snow. “Much easier”, he said with a laugh.

Ok. Now why share this with you.

You see, I have shared spiritual things to this relatively new neighbor on a few occasions. He politely listened and acknowledged that it sounded right, but I was asking God to help me be a good neighbor and “do good unto all men…”. I wanted to show Jesus in deed, not only in word. God gave me another opportunity to do just that.

Now, more kindness, more spoken Word. Perhaps someday I’ll see a familiar soul plowed into the Kingdom.

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