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A Word With You

w/Ron Hutchcraft; Monday - Friday @ 6:24pm

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A Word with You

Ron Hutchcraft is a passionate and contemporary evangelist, speaker, author, and radio host. As President of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Ron and his team specialize in developing authentic, relevant, and creative tools to, as Ron says, "Bring the lost to the Cross."  For over 30 years, Ron has been a part of people's daily lives through his popular radio program. "A Word With You®," heard across the country and broadcast internationally in the four most-spoken languages in the world.

Ron is the co-founder of "On Eagles' Wings®," an outreach and leadership development program for Native American and First Nations young people.  He has traveled with and coached Native "On Eagles' Wings®" young people who have brought hope to over 100 reservations and reserves.  Ron has spoken extensively for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, including the Training Center at the Cove, and the Billy Graham Schools of Evangelism.  Ron has worked alongside his late wife and life-long ministry partner, Karen. They have three children who have served with them in ministry, and nine grandchildren.

To listen to an audio archive of this program go to: https://radio.hutchcraft.com

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