Wayne Weekly “What A Value! What A Deal!”

Written by on February 22, 2016

This past week I received an ad-card from Byrne Dairy. Byrne Dairy operates dairy convenient stores and many now have gas pumps and a good selection of grocery items. The card contained a few coupons, one which really grabbed my attention. It read “free travel mug” and” free coffee on Tuesdays” for that Byrne Dairy travel mug! Hey, that’s a good deal. What makes it particularly good for me is that I pass by a Byrne Dairy store every day on my way to work.


We all like free stuff…that is if it has value. For many of us coffee has value. The day of a forty-nine cent coffee is long gone. If you pay less than a dollar…well you’ve done good.


Placing value on things is how we as humans operate. We do some crazy things if we think we’re getting a good deal on something. But if the “deal” becomes the standard, then we come to expect it, and may even forget the value over time…that is unless we’re reminded.


I wonder at times how valuable some listeners think the Mars Hill Network is. We certainly are a value since we broadcast to tens of thousands of homes, businesses, and vehicles, and those tuning in pay nothing for the service. It’s one of the few things still available “no charge”. And we broadcast the ultimate valuable content…the Word of God!


Careathon 2016 is almost upon us. Careathon March 10-12 is one of two unique times of the year when we ask listeners to consider supporting the daily operation of this Christian media ministry. We don’t demand it. We try not to put undue pressure on listeners to support our mission, but we do intentionally remind those who benefit from Mars Hill that we rely on financial support from listeners to help us in our mission.


The value, or worth of the Mars Hill Network to listeners can be pointed out by many, but each individual must evaluate, then prayerfully consider if its value is worthy of financial support. If the answer is yes, then a consideration to act on that conviction has to be weighed in light of other financial responsibilities and priorities.


Not everyone may want to or are able to give to Mars Hill Network. That is a reality, and we’re good with that. However, many who are able to give, who hold close the value of the network, need to respond in some way. That is between them and the Lord to be sure.


If you are one who can respond with a financial gift of any amount, won’t you please do so during this Careathon season? Simply click on the link below, and be a partner with us as we broadcast God’s truth that we who love the Lord… “are more than conquerors”.


Give now:  https://marshillnetwork.webconnex.com/careathon2016

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