Wayne Weekly “I’m Tracking…Can’t Wait to Open It!”

Written by on February 18, 2016

Have you ever ordered something that you were really looking forward to owning, and having the package delivered to your front door?


Today, with internet shopping changing the way we make purchases, it’s not uncommon to see UPS or Fed Ex. Trucks parked along residential streets. It’s not uncommon to see US Postal Service workers walking up front door steps with more than flat letters or magazines in their hands. On line shopping is making a fortune for the home delivery business.


I’m excited. I’m excited because, with my wife’s blessing of course, I recently ordered a Rockwell Blade Runner portable table saw. It’s a great power tool that can tackle some fairly powerful projects. To help convince my wife Evie that it was a necessity, I agreed with her that it would be just the tool to easily construct birdfeeders and the like (Evie loves birds and flowers gardens and has cultivated those hobbies for a good number of years). Anyway, that strategy worked in my favor even though Evie is known for telling me that I already have too many tools. She actually has suggested that I should get rid of my jars of nails, brads, and screws of every flavor that I have collected over the years. C’mon, we men know that the day will come when we might just need that 23 year old bolt that was taken out of an old washing machine! I have to ask, “Is my wife thinking straight?”


No, I don’t have a screw loose Evie, there all in jars!


Getting back to my story, I am excited because the package is scheduled to be delivered to my very front door today! Hurrah for tracking numbers!


Someday, by God’s grace, we’ll open other packages in Heaven. God tells us that rewards await for faithful service and devotion. “Crowns” will be handed out, and some Bible scholars believe that Christians will follow the way of the 24 elders in Revelation 4 and cast our crowns at the feet of Jesus, who is worthy and deserving of all ( Revelation 4:10 ).


It would be good for us to click on our hopeful rewards tracking numbers. Clicking on that number may reveal the path of the reward, and whether or not it will be delivered to us. Are we faithful? Will we love His appearing? There are rewards listed in Scripture.


I suppose I should be more excited about the possibility of gaining Heavenly crowns as I am at the anticipation of opening my package containing the “Bladerunner”. Hmmm, Heaven’s packages can sometimes seems so distant, though  only a breath away. Fed Ex tracking makes earth parcels seem so near.


Lord, help me to desire You with hopes of gaining Heavenly gifts…so I can give them back to You. You who wore a crown of thorns so I might realize crowns of reward.


An article of interest by Randy Alcorn: http://www.epm.org/resources/2014/Jun/18/do-you-think-loss-rewards-heaven-will-be-permanent/

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