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Wayne Weekly: “The Red, White and Blue…Not the Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet”

Written by on July 2, 2015

Here we are another Independence Day holiday. We’re to be celebrating our nation’s birthday, liberation from the tyranny of English rule. We’re to be waving the red, white, and blue…”Old Glory”. We’re to be reflecting on our freedoms, our Judeo-Christian heritage, and our strength as a country that practices benevolence and has been seen as a beacon of hope for its citizens. An example to the world of a nation built upon human value and acknowledgment of, and dependence on, God throughout its history.

We do live in the greatest country on earth, still true to many of its founding principles.

But how is it that the Red, White and Blue has, in many arenas, been replaced by the rainbow flag. When the White House was lit up on June 26 with multi colored stripes it reflected an administration that is hostile to the teachings of the Bible concerning marriage. It was an assault on Christianity, plain and simple. It was an “in your face” response by the administration. It was a shameful display of liberal intolerance and the criminalization of Christian belief.

The rainbow was put in the sky as a promise that God would never again destroy the entire earth by flood. The new rainbow has come to present a flood of destruction coming upon the traditional family.


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