Wayne Weekly “Sweet…”

Written by on February 12, 2016

Wayne Weekly may need a name change, a change that reflects this edition, like Wayne Monthly or Wayne Bi-weekly. Then, to make it work, I should change my name to Matt or Bill for the flow. So it would be Matt Monthly or Bill Bi-weekly. Or it may be easier just to be diligent and on time.

This thing we call time can be a measuring stick of stress. Deadlines, commitments, appointments, that often is our daily fare. Finding time to do all the things we want to do as opposed to finding time to do the things we need to do can be hour or minute or second hand combat on the clock of life.


Priorities are important. Prioritizing one’s priorities can be a challenge. What really is important anyway?


As Christians we know that spending time with the Lord should be a priority. I will tell you, I do OK at this discipline, though not perfect. And it isn’t always the amount of time I spend reading the Word of God, or the length of my prayer time, but it is the focus that really seems to matter. Our devotions, or quiet time, or meditation, or whatever you choose to call that special time with God is a habit, and a desire, that we all need to make a priority.


There is a word thats been going around for a while that has become slang for “excellent”, the word “sweet”. I say, “you want to know sweet?” God’s Word tells us that His Word is sweeter than the honeycomb.


Here, try this:  Psalm 119 1-176.



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