Wayne Weekly “If The Rain Comes..No Hiding Our Heads!”

Written by on October 21, 2016

I recollect a “Fab Four” Beatle song released on the B-side of the single Paperback Writer called Rain. Really it was about overlooking circumstances, rain or shine, it’s all a state of mind. The writer points out that many “just run and hide their heads…when the rain comes.”


As a Christian, I can say that there is some truth in the philosophy of positive thinking. Yet for believers, our positive attitudes are not based on merely overlooking dire circumstances, you know, making lemon-aid out of life’s lemons, but our positive spirits are built upon the promises of God. When the rain comes in the life of a Christian, we shouldn’t hide our heads and retreat, but remember that God is “the lifter of our heads”.


At the moment on this October day, we are being deluged with buckets of rain. We’re receiving the rain that we did not see over the summer. Good for the water table. We’re also drowning in political quagmire, from all parties. We’re experiencing an election that has never, in modern times anyway, been realized by us. We’re grossly disappointed in the political process, so many of our leaders have let us down. It’s raining…and we’re not happy with getting wet.


Friend, regardless of the outcome of the presidential race, we must embrace the truth that God is the one who lifts our heads. We look upward and onward. We persevere. We are victors.


But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high.

David-Psalm 3:3

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