Wayne Weekly “The Fly Over Zone”

Written by on October 17, 2016

Recently Kevin Kloss MHN program director, Mark Warner Mornings host and Productions Director, and I journeyed to Cary, North Carolina on invite from Trans World Radio (TWR) to take a tour of their world headquarters and broadcast MHN’s morning program from one of their studios there. Since we were due in on the tail end of hurricane Matthew, things were a bit unsettling as to whether to make the trip or not. After keeping an eye on the weather reports, staying in touch with the airline, and communicating with our friends at TWR, we decided to go for it.


Spending two and one-half days with TWR missionaries and staff, and meeting and visiting with TWR President Loren Libby, was an incredible experience. We were bowled over by the commitment exemplified in staff, the extent of and variety of outreach, the impressive facilities in Cary that the Lord provided, and the great hospitality, a mix of Christian fellowship and southern hospitality. All three of us left TWR with an even greater appreciation we had before our visit, not to mention the treasure of new found friends and our own renewed vision for broadcast ministry.


On the return flight we had a layover in Washington, D.C. and then on to Syracuse. While flying over the Fingerlakes area of New York, I was taken by seeing the lakes from thousands of feet above the earth. The view from above resembled a map of those glacier lakes. It was exciting to see the entire lengths and familiar shapes as well as the land in between. I had travelled by car many times through the region, but to see it from above put everything in “geographical perspective”.


How small the world can seem from way up there. Flying over the zone I call home made me think of all the people running to and fro, and so many without a real sense of God and the coming eternity. I think of how our radio signal covers a great deal of what I saw from the air. The gospel blankets the area via radio 24/7. God’s plan of the ages is just a click away.


During October and up until November 11, the Mars Hill Network gives special opportunity for listeners to financially support its ministry of broadcasting the message that changes lives forever. Harvest 2016 asks listeners to not be only appreciated receivers of Christian radio programming, but vital partners in reaching those across New York and into Canada with the powerful Gospel of Christ Jesus. Our signal’s fly over zone touches men and women and entire families with the truth that sets them free.


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