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Part Ten – “The Creation of the World-Part Three”   Before modern day science and the attempt to discredit the Genesis account the church universal beloved it as written. For example Martin Luther said “we know from Moses that the world was not in existence before six thousand years ago”. Then John Calvin the other […]

We don’t live on the Ocean. Surfing really is not much of an option here in upstate NY. But we do have the incredible Lake Ontario!   Riding the “big one”, hmmm, it just won’t happen, but diving through “sort of” big waves on one of a number of Lake Ontario beaches on a windy […]

Part Nine – “The Creation of the World-Part Two”   As we continue our examination of progressive creationism as compared to Genesis One we see their leading proponent then logically says as he does the Garden of Eden was not prior to Adam free of death, suffering or degeneration as that always existed from the […]

I had a number of thoughts for a subject to present in this week’s Wayne Weekly, but in light of the recent tragedies in our country, those thoughts are overshadowed.   As we witness, instantly in some cases, tragedies, untruths from those in high places, the calculated disintegration of the traditional family, drug epidemics that […]

Part Eight – “The Creation of the World-Part One”   As a student of the Bible for over six decades, I am always delighted to dig deeper into the treasures of His Word to not only confirm what I have believed, but also to clarify and amplify the truth it contains. Such is the case […]

This week hear Pastors.. Art George First Baptist Memphis NY.. Scott Hallman Westside Community Chapel.. Robert Foote Trinity Lutheran Ithaca.. Jeffrey Smith First Baptist Watertown.. Jay Koshy International Assembly Syracuse..Jeff Obrien Northside Liverpool

Isn’t it interesting that human beings have a propensity to “break the rules”. Well, from a theological standpoint we all know why, but that rebellion translates into small violations…not just big ones.   While on a recent day of R & R at Fair Haven Beach State Park, my daughter Jill and I decided to […]

Part Seven – “The Sole Survivors of the Flood”   As I continued my research on this topic I discovered some other excellent apologetic arguments to defend a biblical interpretation of a universal flood. For example PC proponents often denounce despite the evidence we saw last week and discredit the idea of a universal application […]

This week hear Pastors.. Damon Gagnier  United Church of Auburn.. Hank Blok  Mars Hill Radio Canada.. Mark Graham  Grace Bible Fayetteville.. Ron Glass  Wading River Baptist LI.. Don Work  Dickinson Center Baptist.. Milton Kornegay  Central Baptist Syracuse  

Part Six – “The Ark Settles on Mount Aarat”   Now at this point in the narrative Noah has been at sea for over a year and had been waiting for all the waters to recede before stepping back on dry land. One commentary says “There is no indication that God told Noah which type […]

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