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Not too many months ago I was standing in line at a local grocery store. The woman ahead of me was using one of those plastic grocery baskets that the store provides to customers who just need to “pick up a few things”. She emptied her basket on the conveyor and then proceeded to put […]

Part Five – “The Ark that Noah Built for His Family and Animals”   So what was it like to live on that Ark for so many days tending to the animals and waiting for the waters to subside? Well the food lines must have been long unless God made it so that many of […]

The microwave over our range decided the last wave had been radiated. It said good-bye without fanfare. I didn’t care all that much, except I don’t like things that don’t work. My wife Evie had stronger feelings about it than I did, so another one had to be purchased. I ordered it on-line and it […]

This week hear Pastors.. Jonathan Evans Elim Grace Christian.. Michael Gerhardt Parkside Bible.. Bruce Aubrey Northside Liverpool.. Gerald Malchus Hope Presbyterian Syracuse

Part Four – “A Universal Flood or a Local Flood-Part Two”   Today we continue our series on a Biblical Defense of Genesis 1-11 by examining again the actual extent of the flood, having looked at the intent of the flood.   THE EXTENT OF THE FLOOD (Genesis 6:14-9:17) It would be sufficient for me […]

I have been rediscovering the book of Genesis. It’s been a while that I have delved into that OT book as my daily quiet time devotional.   Revisiting the creation account not only was a good refresher, but the Lord brought things to my attention that sparks much renewed interest in the book of beginnings. […]

This week hear Pastors… Fred Sykes First Baptist Canton.. Richard Dickinson Cazenovia Village Baptist.. Robert Foote Trinity Lutheran Ithaca.. Jeffrey Smith First Baptist Watertown.. Jay Koshy International Assembly Syracuse.. Jeff Obrien Northside Liverpool

Part Three – “A Universal Flood or a Local Flood-Part One”   Progressive Creationism rejects the biblical record of a universal flood in favor of a local flood thereby then rejecting the Word of God as their final authority (though in their minds it means reinterpreting the text). It seems amazing to me that anyone […]

A tribute to the retiring Yolanda Thompson, Mars Hill Network Administrative Assistant, in service to the Lord 28 years.   People come and go in our lives. Whether in our neighborhoods, our workplace, or our special friends or family members. People come and go.  As believers, even in trying to figure out why some move […]

This week hear Pastors Art George First Baptist of Memphis.. Scott Hallman Westside Community Chapel.. Mark Graham Grace Bible of  Fayetteville.. Ron Glass Wading River Baptist LI..  Don Work Dickinson Center Baptist..Milton Kornegay Central Baptist Syracuse

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