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As believers we find sometimes that we are “evented out”. It seems things often come in waves, a concert here, a church function over there, a Christian’s theme movie somewhere! Our time is limited so we evaluate and make choices using our own barometers of value.   40 Days for Life, a prolife prayer and […]

This week hear Pastors.. Art George First Baptist of Memphis NY.. Scott Hallman Westside Community Chapel..  Mark Graham Frace Bible Fayetteville.. Jeffrey Smith First Baptist of Watertown.. Pastor Suresh International Assembly Syracuse.. Jeff O’brien  Northside Liverpool NY

I awoke sometime in the early morning hours with my brain in overdrive. Whether I always like it or not I’ve inherited  an overdrive on my brain’s transmission. Often when I wake up, no matter what the time, the fissures in my brain become a high speed race track and I’m at the wheel.   I began to […]

Many of us know the scriptural account of Jacob’s ladder.   As you may recall Jacob was fleeing for his life from Esau his twin brother who vowed to kill him for stealing his birthright. While looking for refuge at a relative’s house in Haran, Jacob stopped for the night to rest at a place called […]

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September 9, 2016

  SU Student Ministries host “WORSHIP THE KING” at Carrier Dome to unite the Body of Christ and transform the city of Syracuse   Coach Mike Hopkins to address students, pastors and churches at this free event   Join campus students, ministry leaders, pastors and churches from around Central New York for Worship the King, […]

I’m amused at the ominous names of the midway rides showcasing at the NY State Fair. Sure, the idea is to appeal to the thrill seeker, you know, someone who wants to experience a death defying experience…but not really. There is something in many of us that wants to “cheat death”. Something about so many […]

– Photo by David Zeafla   They came by the thousands from hundreds of miles away to pray and hear a profoundly motivational speech by a household name for Christians and non-Christians alike.  The speaker was Franklin Graham and the event was the stop he made on August 25 in New York State’s capital city […]

This week hear Pastors.. Art George First Baptist of Memphis NY.. Scott Hallman Westside Community Chapel..Mark Graham Grace Bible Fayetteville..Ron Glass Wading River Baptist Wading River LI..Don Work Dickinson Center Baptist..Milton Kornegay Central Baptist Syracuse

One of the greatest blessings during my recent camping trip to Fair Haven State Park were the first two nights living under a canopy of stars. The sky was clear the first night, and fairly clear the second. With few lights washing out the starlight, the panorama of the night time sky became incredibly awesome. […]

Time stood still for maybe 12 seconds last week.   It was a time warp, but without the sharp edges, that is the morning that my two girls, Jill and Janelle and I headed down a hiking trail at Fair Haven Beach State Park. For three glorious and adventurous days my two daughters and I […]

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