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Part Two – “The Infallible Word of God or the World of God”   Today we continue our new series entitled a Biblical Defense of Genesis 1-11 as Historical and Accurate and talk about the role the Word of God should play in the debate on this question. As regards to Scripture the fundamental difference […]

  This past week I decided rather than to drive my car to a favorite breakfast spot, I would meet my wife and walk the mile or so to the restaurant. It’s one of those simple pleasures on a beautiful spring morning.   I enjoy the exercise, of course, but walking through older neighborhoods with […]

Part One – “Core Issues in the Conflict”   From the time of the Apostles, until several hundred years ago, the Church Universal for the most part believed the Bible taught a literal six day creation, an historical Adam and Eve created on the sixth day, and a universal flood. But today many evangelicals have […]

This past Mother’s Day week-end, when I not only had Mother’s Day to think about, but my daughter’s birthday, plus springtime spruce up chores at home, and the trips to purchase yard supplies, I hit a bump in the road. When everything was starting to build up on my got-to-do-it list, while mowing my lawn, […]

This week hear Pastors Hal Jensen United Christian of Marietta.. Dana Goodnough Pittsford Community.. Jonathan Evans Elim Grace Oswego.. Michael Gerhardt Parkside Community Watertown.. Bruce Aubrey Northside Liverpool.. Gerald Malchus Hope Presbyterian Syracuse

Now listen to this.   I’m sitting in my office when the Koffee King truck pulls into the parking lot. Nothing new, Koffee King has been well serving Mars Hill with water for our cooler and coffee for a few years now. Staff and guests have opportunity to indulge in America’s #1 beverage (I’m guessing). […]

Spotlight host Dawn Sessler continues her discussion with John Decker. Mr. Decker is with the ministry called Believers College Prep that helps college bound students who have professed faith in Christ keep strong in following Christ..

This week hear Pastors .. Fred Sykes First Baptist Canton .. Richard Dickinson Cazenovia Village Baptist .. Robert Foote Trinity Lutheran Ithaca .. Jeffrey Smith First Baptist Watertown.. James Stone Pastor at Hutchings-Crouse,and Hillside

Last week I traveled up into the Adirondacks with our Chief Engineer and one of our board members to investigate a possible tower rental site. Mars Hill hopes to build a translator (repeater station) to broadcast the gospel to yet another area in NY State.   As we drove up the mountain to the site, […]

MHN’s Dawn Sessler hosts this edition of Spotlight. Helping College students who profess Christ to keep strong in their faith while attending college. It’s a critical issue and guest John Decker of the ministry of Believers College Prep discusses what may be some of the solutions.

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