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This week hear Pastors.. Art George  First Baptist Church of Memphis.. Johnathan Evans Elim Grace Oswego.. Michael Gerhardt Parkside Bible Watertown.. Bruce Aubrey Northside Liverpool.. Rob Foote Trinity Lutheran Ithaca

Just yesterday I had a stand-still-moment. It was when I realized that it was Thursday already! “Gasp, I just came off the week-end and I’ll be on another in just a day!”   The time compression started really a few years ago when one day while shaving I was struck by these words, “Hey, I […]

This week hear Pastors.. Fred Sykes First Baptist of Canton.. Nathaniel Jackson Trinity Fellowship Syracuse.. Robert Foote Trinity Lutheran Ithaca.. Jeffrey Smith First Baptist Watertown.. Jay Koshy Evangelical Pastor Syracuse University.. Jeff Obrien Northside Liverpool  

It’s the end of January. What a flurry of activity this month has brought with it. Toping all things (after the New Year’s holiday) was inauguration day for our new Commander and Chief, Donald Trump and his VP pick, Michael Pence. It was an exciting day as we witnessed the transition of power from one […]

This week hear Pastors.. Damon Gagnier United Church of Auburn.. Hank Blok Mars Hill Radio Canada.. Eric Hallet.. Centennial Rd. Lyn ON CA.. Mark Ransom Constantia Center Baptist.. Jay Koshy SU Evangelical Chaplain..Milt Kornegay Central Baptist Syracuse

January means “b-r-r-r, it’s cold outside” to so many in our listening areas. That’s understandable! But January means much more as a reminder to all who cherish life. January is Sanctity of Human Life month, and specifically Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.   The good news is that there seems to be a genuine shift […]

This week hear Pastors..  Howard Maxson Fowler Baptist .. Dana Goodnough  Pittsford Community.. Jonathan Evans Elim Grace Bible Oswego.. Bruce Aubrey Northside Liverpool

Let’s be honest, 2016 was not the best of years. We experienced much of what we have experienced in the past several years; a failing economy, more horrendous crime, Washington pundits seemingly living above the law and ignoring our constitution, immoral activity being glamorized and promoted, and the beat goes on . Realistically, we’ll see […]

This week hear Pastors… Art George  First Baptist Memphis NY.. Scott Hallman Westside Community Chapel.. Mark Graham Grace Bible Fayetteville.. Jeffrey Smith First Baptist of Watertown.. Jay Koshy International Assembly Syracuse.. Jeff Obrien  Northside Liverpool  

Just the other day I heard a popular Christmas song with lyrics that say “It’s that time of year when the world falls in love”. Its melody is beautiful. It’s called “The Christmas Waltz” and has been performed by a number of artists throughout the years. Most of us are familiar with the Carpenter’s version. […]

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