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This week hear Pastors.. Damon Gagnier United Church of Auburn.. Hank Blok of  Mars Hill Radio Canada.. Eric Hallet Centennial Rd. Cornwall Ontario CA.. Ron Glass Wading River Baptist LI.. Don Work Dickinson Center Baptist.. Milton Kornegay Central Baptist Syyracuse

If you’re like many others, you like to make your personal devotionals center around the Christmas story this time of year. This morning I read from Luke chapter one. Its pack full with incredible happenings!   The first miraculous event is the appearance of angel Gabriel to Zacharias, John the Baptists father. We quickly find […]

The music of the Christmas season, most of us love it. As believers we naturally love the traditional Christmas carols and hymns that sing of the Savior’s birth. But then there is the “other” Christmas music that reflects on family, friends, the sounds and sights of the Christmas season that have been part of our […]

This week hear Pastors.. Fred Sykes First Baptist Canton.. James Stone  Chaplain at Hutching Psychiatric Center and Crouse Hospital.. Michael Gerhardt Parkside Bible Watertown.. Bruce Aubrey Northside Liverpool..

Have you ever wondered what it was like for the angels when God summoned them and said, “Today’s the day”? The day He sent His messenger to speak with Zacharias about John the Baptist, and later sending His angel Gabriel to make that announcement to Mary, and then the mission to speak to Joseph in […]

Black Friday 2016 has come and gone…so has Cyber Monday, sort of.   Now I like deals and when I am about to make a purchase I start scouring the local store flyers and the internet to find the “buy of the century”. When I shop at the grocery store I most always look at […]

November is one of my favorite months. There is just something about the cold crisp mornings, and often the sunny blue skies that produce a gradual warmth during the day. November is kind of a stand- alone month. The leaves largely are off the trees in later November. The ones not raked up have a […]

It’s over. The long, grueling political election episode of eighteen months has come to a screeching halt. We have a president elect. Our political system has shown its success…or has it?   Those who voted for the winning side are almost always content with the “election process”. Those who face the defeat of their candidate, […]

This week hear Pastors.. Dana Goodnough  Pittsford NY Community.. Jonathan Evans  Elim Grace Christian Oswego.. Michael Gerhardt  Parkside Community Watertown.. Bruce Aubrey Northside Liverpool.. Gerald Malchus  Hope Presbyterian Syracuse

I read just today in my devotional time 1 Samuel chapter 8. That passage tells of how the elders of Israel came to Samuel in his old age and asked Samuel to appoint a king for Israel. The reasons for not holding to the status quo, Samuel’s sons (who were judges) did not walk in […]

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