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I hadn’t been a Christian very long when 2nd. Chapter of Acts trio released “The Easter Song”. Wow, that was a powerful song and ministered to my young Christian heart greatly! In around 1980 I did a project at school on the subject matter contained in the book of Acts. I discovered that the number […]

This week hear Pastors… Fred Sykes First Baptist of Canton.. Stephan Matzal Trinity Fellowship Syracuse..  James Stone Hutchings Chaplain.. Mark Graham Grace Bible Fayetteville,, Mike Gerhardt  Parkside Watertown.. Milt Kornegay Central Baptist Syracuse

This week hear Pastors… Art George First Baptist of Memphis.. Scott Hallman Westside Community Chapel.. Robert Foote Trinity Lutheran of Ithaca.. Jeffrey Smith First Baptist Watertown.. J. Koshy International Assembly of Syracuse.. Jeff Obrien Northside

This week hear Pastors Fred Sykes First Baptist of Canton.. Stephan Matzul Trinity Fellowship Syracuse.. Jonathan Evans Elim Grace Oswego.. Michael Gerhardt  Parkside Community Watertwon.. Bruce Aubrey Northside Liverpool..

I remember a number of years ago moving into my current house and discovering that the enclosed porch off of the kitchen had lost a great deal of its support due to decaying posts. I realized that when the back room/entrance was built, it was not built atop a concrete block foundation as they did […]

This week hear Pastors.. Art George First Baptist of Memphis.. Scott Hallman Westside Community Chapel.. Robert Foote  Trinity Lutheran of Ithaca..  Jeffrey Smith Fisrt Baptist of Watertwon.. Suresh Thiagarajan International Assembly Syracuse.. Jeff Obrien Northside Liverpool

Who doesn’t welcome the warmer weather we’re experiencing in February? Perhaps the local ski resorts, or snowmobilers. Understandable. But for most of us it’s just got to be springtime…right?   I saw a Robin last week, and it wasn’t even that warm. He was in a large arborvitae in our yard. I was sure “spring […]

This week hear Pastors.. Damon Gagnier United Church of Auburn.. Hank Blok Mars Hill Radio Canada.. Mark Graham Grace Bible Fayetteville.. Ron Glass Wading River Baptist LI NY.. Milton Kornegay Central Baptist Syracuse  

Yesterday I sent an email to the staff here at Mars Hill with a correction. I had written the word “not” instead of the word “now”. It changed the entire meaning of the sentence. Rather than a staff member “will now” take on a new task, the memo said the staff member “will not” take […]

Recently we have heard a lot about “fake news”. It seems that some media outlets like to either fabricate or mis-report news stories about people or beliefs that they don’t agree with or reporting that will win points from their constituency. The “liberal media” have been held accountable for false fact reporting, which has cause […]

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