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Keys for Kids

Top five things you need to know about Keys for Kids Radio:

  1. Learn more about God and the Bible through the best kids’ audio dramas and kids songs anywhere on the planet, all day, every day.

  2. Keys for Kids Radio is only a tap away! You can listen on an iPad, tablet, and phone. Take it with you as you go!

  3. Stream Keys for Kids Radio live online or listen to your favorite programs on-demand any time you want.

  4. Keys for Kids Radio is great for snack time, bed time, and right-after-school-time!

  5. Kid-tested and kid-approved with faith and fun all in one place! Enjoy new friends and adventures every day!

Why we do it

Keys for Kids Radio teaches kids about Jesus by giving them a safe place online where they can listen to the best Christian kids songs and programs made just for them!

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