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Wayne Weekly “Wreck-reational Marijuana”

Written by on October 26, 2018

You may know by now that our neighboring country, Canada, has passed legislation to allow recreational use of marijuana. Canada is the largest country in the world to decriminalize pot smoking for “fun”. Canada joins other nations (and states here in the US) that have bought into a lie. For sure not all Canadians are happy with this decision. A liberal government voted in, results in liberal legislation flowing out.

Could it be that legalizing pot a “smokescreen” in coercing people into further dependency on government? Dependency on government leads to despondency.  In my recent interview with a well-educated, well respected, Canadian psychiatrist who is enormously against the legalization of recreational “weed”, he fervently stated that marijuana has severe long term effects, both physically and psychologically. Early age use of marijuana physically alters the brain according to the doctor. The doctor dogmatically stated that marijuana is often a gateway drug for many, leading to drug dependency on even more destructive poisons.

Clearly, marijuana, despite what the hordes of all stripes are saying, is dangerous, and a huge price will be paid in the future for its legalization.

Canada’s government says its legalization of marijuana will control the substance from black market distribution, and give the government more control to help regulate its use. Maybe. But money intake is a huge factor in pot inhale. Willingly ignorant for filthy lucre?

Big time delusion is taking place, and believe it for sure that Satan is behind the deception.

Recreational marijuana is “wreck”-reational marijuana.

The dogs have a mighty appetite; they never have enough. But they are shepherds who have no understanding; they have all turned to their own way, each to his own gain, one and all.

Isaiah 56:11