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Wayne Weekly: “Big Splash but…”

Written by on July 20, 2015

A short time ago the Mars Hill Network staff and board members gathered together for a staff-board picnic. One of our board members graciously opened up his home on Oneida Lake for the event.

Staff and board had a wonderful time of food and fellowship, with the benefit of catching up on another’s lives, and just plain getting to know each other better.

Later in the day the owner of the home asked if we might like to take a boat ride out on Oneida Lake.

Those who responded in the affirmative headed out to the dock not more than a two minute walk from his home. It was interesting to watch the boat being lowered into the water electrically. The craft, an older boat equipped for fishing, had a history of navigating Oneida Lake on expeditions, both for fishing and for cruising.  Our host opened up the boat and within minutes we were aboard.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of going nautical. For me it brings a sense of command and power!

Oneida Lake is almost 21 miles in length and 5 miles across at its widest. It is the largest lake within the borders of New York State, however the average depth is only 22 feet. Because of that it can freeze solidly in the winter.

As I reflect back on that enjoyable and even somewhat thrilling boat ride, it made me think of how some things can actually be big, make big splashes, but under the surface those things are shallow.

Today we here from all kinds of people in business or politics, even religious figures who hold big titles, make a big splash, but their constitutions don’t go very deep. Their “convictions” change with what’s popular, what’s to their advantage. They are like the false teachers described in the book of Jude, “…clouds they are without water, carried about by winds…”

We need a reminder once in a while to use wisdom in our evaluations. Don’t quickly jump on the things that are making big splashes or have long shore lines…they may just be a big mud puddle doomed to dry up after the commotion.


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