Musings About MHR Canada: Excerpt #7

Written by on May 9, 2021

What do you know about being on the board of a ministry that strives to communicate the Gospel and promote the doctrines of the Holy Scriptures? How about serving on a board to start or expand a Christian Radio ministry? You don’t have any experience? You wouldn’t know what to do? So what???

I was that way in 1982 – a thirty-three-year-old public health inspector that didn’t know anything about the activities, requirements and responsibilities of being a board member. And knowing absolutely nothing about radio, except how to listen to one: push a button or turn a knob to start up the device and then twisting another knob or pushing a button to find the frequency of the station to listen to. That’s easy, but to serve on a board?

All you really need is to have a heart given to the Lord Jesus Christ and an innate desire to please and serve Him in any and every way possible. And that is exactly what happened at the beginning of Mars Hill Radio (Canada) Inc. which was legally incorporated in 1984.
The founding members of the newly formed charitable organization included only a small board of three people at that time:

  1. The father of MHR (Canada) – Doctor. A.K Wyllie, resident of Kingston Ontario;
  2. Missionary James Green from Napanee; and
  3. A Public Health Inspector, Hank Blok, also of Kingston.

And what did a doctor, a missionary and a health inspector have to offer in establishing and directing a charitable corporation? A few individual talents and a bubbling desire to serve the Lord together to provide Christian Broadcasting to Kingston and its surrounding area.
Since 1982, board members have come and gone, some were born, others promoted to glory, but still the work goes on in a wonderful unity of spirit. Even if you have never considered serving the Lord in this type of venue, think about it. Younger recruits are needed even now, and us older fogies will welcome you when they see that your heart is for the Lord and His service.

Come back to this column next month, there’s more to tell you.

Submitted by Hank Blok, Secretary-treasurer, Mars Hill Radio Canada

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