Wayne Weekly “Shattering Walls”

Written by on May 10, 2021

Most likely you have heard the expression, “like hitting a brick wall”. It reflects an impenetrable stop to information, an idea, or a halt in communications, among many other suitable applications.

I’ve experienced some brick walls in life. Some of them, in hindsight, were to my advantage. The Lord built the brick wall for my good. I heard on one of our programs recently how the Lord gave us the freedom to make choices, but even those choices are orchestrated by Him.

Some choices are just preference choices. We’re all wired differently. You like green, another likes blue, and still another prefers red. To spend long hours toiling in prayer on the color of car you buy can be an exercise in foolishness. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t ask God for wisdom when selecting a vehicle. I mean a red car may portray a pastor’s wife as being too flashy. We have freedom, but we also have common sense and sensitivity to other’s perceptions. Giving up our freedoms are part of loving our brothers and sisters in Christ. Giving up our freedoms in certain circumstances may be for the sake of the gospel.

God allows us to choose, but He may put up a brick wall when we are to make a poor choice. At other times He may allow us to choose something not of the excellent and use that to teach us a life lesson. Of course, God never condones sinful choices.

The Mars Hill Network has of late created a new “extended ministry” called The Wall. The Wall encourages our listeners to submit prayer requests to our Mars Hill prayer team. This can be done by filling The Wall prayer request form out on our webpage, https://www.marshillnetwork.org/thewall, by emailing those to thewall@marshillnetwork.org, or by simply phoning a request in to our business office. Those requests are considered confidential unless the person making the requests asks or indicates they would like their request to be put up on “The Wall” on our web page. Posting on our prayer wall allows not only our prayer team to pray for your need, but also enables anyone looking at The Wall to have opportunity to pray for posted requests. Those who submit a request have the option of giving their name or to remain anonymous.

Prayers and petitions that go up are posted on The Wall, but that wall does not block the way into God’s throne room of grace and mercy. No brick walls here.

If you have a burdened heart for someone or some situation, please contact us in any of the three ways mentioned above. Let’s shatter the wall and open up the throne room of God.


“…pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”                James 5:16

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