Everyday Blessings #6: God’s Timing

Written by on June 30, 2021

It never fails. You’re in a hurry or you have company coming over for dinner, and nothing seems to go as planned. A recipe that you’ve made 100 times just can’t seem to cook fast enough this time! And here’s the thing. You can’t really rush cooking! Sure, you can turn up the heat, but then you may burn the food! You can watch the pot, but you know it won’t boil! You have to be patient. You have to let all the flavors come together, let the temperature be just right, let the color look good.

Isn’t it the same in life? We always try to rush God’s timing on things! We try to alter the circumstances to make it more convenient for us. We turn up the temperature, so to speak, and sometimes we get our way! But things turn out a little burnt! Look, we think we know what’s best in our life, but the truth is, we can only see one step ahead! Our God sees our entire future! He knows the path better than we do and He knows how to best keep us in the right direction. So don’t rush God. Let His way be the only way in your life.

With Everyday Blessings, I’m Valerie Case.

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