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A lot can change in fifty years. Let’s look at technology. As a kid, I grew up thinking that an Erector Set with a motor was high-tech. A transistor radio was almost out of the sci-fi comics. And as I got older our race to space was an incredible dream come true. I clearly recall […]

The other day my dog was taking me for a walk…well actually the other way around…but I have to wonder. It was early morning and a fresh layer of snow had fallen. What I didn’t know was that beneath that fluff danger lay below. The weather this winter has been, in my perception, a bit […]

As I was running errands the other day, for some reason I seem to be taking notice of all the “only” signs about me. “Left lane only”, “right turn only”, bicycles only”, “pedestrians only”, seemed to be around every corner. We live in an “only” world…and generally we have no trouble with obeying the “onlys” […]

When NY Gouverneur Cuomo trumpeted the news that he would be signing the most radical abortion expansion bill ever contrived in America, many mouths dropped wide open in shock, while other mouths expressed eerie elation. Many rallied for prayer and even fasting in hopes that God would intervene and end the fiendish madness. Did God […]

  Most of us are probably familiar with the cliché, “there is strength in numbers”. That makes sense, generally speaking larger armies have the overwhelming advantage over a small one. A large crowd demonstrating about a social issue is typically more effective than a small group. And then a he crowd of fans at a […]

It’s 2019. Honestly, as I grow in years the New Year’s numerals don’t seem to mean as much as they once did. Another new day comes about after 24 hours. Often a bench mark for new goal setting, well intended resolutions, a prayer for family, and a new calendar with fresh pictures to look at. […]

It’s interesting that we now have names for those born in specific generations. You know, the names of generations like Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen Xers, Generation Y, and Generation Z. I’m a baby boomer. I think that brands me as somewhat dull on the cutting edge scale.   During this Christmas season I was reminded […]

Snowmen seem to becoming less and less common these days. It may be because Mom’s would send their kids outside to play in the snow, rather than playing video games in the living room. I recall building snow forts with the neighbors, building snow men, having snow ball fights, and eating icicles. We would bundle […]

While walking our family puggle, Daizy Dew early this morning, I was surprised to see a US Postal Delivery Truck slowed for a stop sign. I don’t recall ever seeing a mail truck out that early before, but I’m sure its common, especially around the holidays. In bold dark blue letters on the side of […]

Wrapping gifts is part of Christmas. I’m not really very good at it, probably because I really don’t take the time to learn how to do it perfectly. I manage to cover the present entirely with gift wrap…most of the time. My ends are usually a bit uneven and crinkly. If I use a bow, […]

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