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Author: Wayne Taylor

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Garage Sailing…Finding Truth My wife Evie and I went ‘garage sailing” recently. I put on my life jacket, and we cast off for destinations known and unknown. Evie enjoys these […]

Wow! Summertime trips to the beach, (or maybe the cooling shade of a walk in the woods). Recently my family and I took a day trip to the village of […]

This past week-end I enjoyed a long term summer breeze. Like perhaps many of you I left my bedroom window open all night and woke several times to experience rushes […]

It seems that I have experienced some “close calls” this past few weeks. When I say close calls, I am referring to vehicle collisions. It does seem that people are […]

I have a routine. I walk my dog in the morning and after work. I round the corner and walk Dazy down three blocks and back home. I have grown […]

Most likely you have heard the expression, “like hitting a brick wall”. It reflects an impenetrable stop to information, an idea, or a halt in communications, among many other suitable […]

I recall with great fondness, the days I spent with friends walking railroad tracks that ran through my early childhood home town. We would do the tightrope act on the […]

We all are aware of one of the most recent trends gracing the halls of our existence, the “Woke” movement.  “Woke” is not a new word, the history of it […]

Just when we thought spring had sprung, here we are in another winter’s day. Actually, we all know better than to believe that the birds would be singing, the flowers […]

Eyesight Disabled My vehicle has what is manufacturer calls, “Eyesight”. It has dual cameras that process information like a stopped car ahead of you, warns you if you are crossing […]