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Last week I heard a message by the late Dr. R.C. Sproul on the subject of joy. It was such a light hearted and really, “fun” message that drove home what “joy” really is. Dr. Sproul gave personal examples that made me laugh out loud (I’ll refrain from using the acrostic LOL). He reflected on […]

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.”  2Cor. 5:17                                 As Christians, we claim this promise and strive to “walk in the Spirit and not carry out the desires of the flesh.” The carnal is the flesh. Though we are new creatures […]

March is transition time weather-wise. We look hard for thaws, “spring-ish” days, and an introduction into a new season. Among those sought after days we trudge through winter storms, dark skies, and “when is spring coming…?” librettos! Here at Mars Hill we are not only immersed in the hope for spring, but the planning and […]

So often the entrance to Heaven is referred to the “pearly gates”. St. Peter seems to always be stationed there at his post verifying entrance into the celestial kingdom. The scriptures do speak of “gates” in the New Jerusalem, twelve of them to be exact, made of pearls (Rev. 21:21). The truth is, we see […]

Our hearts are broken. The senseless shootings and loss of young lives at Parkland are pretty hard to bare. I went on line and looked at the faces of the seventeen victims who died for seemingly nothing. That was a reality check. You look at the young faces with hopefully a promising future now snuffed […]

Many of us watched or listened to the president’s State of the Union address. Whether you appreciate the current administration or not, you have to concede that much has been accomplished this past year in Washington. I suppose we could transliterate “state of the union” as “condition of unity”. Unity can often be a welcomed […]

We have been recognizing Sanctity of Human Life month during January here at Mars Hill. Airing specials on the topic, featuring pro-life organizations under our Ministry Focus banner on our webpage, including pro-life awareness Tweets and Facebook features, and sponsoring a campaign to help stock the shelves for Moms and their babies in the New […]

We all knew it was coming. Many of us shuttered (and shivered) at the thought. January has arrived and brings with it even more than perhaps we expected, especially so soon. As I write this the east coast is bracing for heavy snowfall, followed by more sub-zero or nearly sub-zero temperatures. Here in Central NY, […]

When I was in high school, a poster was printed with bold letters declaring “Goodbye California”. The words were imposed over a drawing of the San Andrea’s fault. In small print it had names of famous people and places living or built along the fault line. That fault line runs almost the entire length of […]

Many of us carry family Christmas traditions with us. What traditions we had while growing up, some of those perhaps even from long ago past generations. Some traditions center on baking certain sweet delights, some adorn the family Christmas tree. Some traditions have to do with advent calendars or church activities. Families have rituals for […]

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