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Author: Wayne Taylor

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You may have heard the expression “every dog has its day”. The definition according to the internet is “everyone will have good luck or success at some point in their […]

With all the hoopla about green energy and “climate change”, I find myself growing tired of the subject. Sure, electric vehicles are a great idea, but c’mon, it’s obvious that […]

We just came out of another April Fool’s day. I’m not sure if the title means someone who is tricked is a fool or if it refers to the act […]

Springtime invites sudden surges of rushing winds and gentle breezes. It’s almost as if the Creator is waking up His creation for the dawning of a new season with the […]

Did we really expect the weather to stay in the 70’s after our recent jump to late spring? Probably not…but wouldn’t it be nice? We’ve lived in this part of […]

Slip and Slide These last few weeks we have not only experienced some serious snowfall, but the freezing-thawing has left some areas of our bodies vulnerable to bruises! By God’s […]

New Year’s, New Fears, New Tears…New Cheers 2022 has arrived and will be with us for a full 365 days. Will the New Year be one of new fears, new […]

Thanksgiving is one holiday that, other than the emphasis on being thankful, is much about food! Yes, Christmas means a family meal, summer holidays mean picnics, but Thanksgiving…now that’s a […]

My dog lives in the moment. Actually, I would imagine that all animals live in the moment. When Dazy goes for a walk, her life consists of sniffing at the […]

HOPE in the Journey…Pass It On                                                                                               October 8, 2021 It was almost predictable. People of all stripes are readily accepting the HOPE booklet. Let me start from […]