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This week hear Pastors.. Art George First Baptist of Memphis.. Scott Hallmann Westside Community Chapel Syracuse.. Mark Graham Grace Bible Fayetteville.. Ron Glass Wading River Baptist Wading River LI.. Jay Koshy International Assembly Syracuse

We have three or four birdfeeders in our yard. My wife, Evie, has this innate conviction that she must feed the birds all year long.  I support her in her persuasion and since I like birds too, I don’t complain much about the cost of good birdseed. We avoid the round little dark brown seeds. […]

This week hear Pastors … Damon Gagnier United Church Auburn.. Hank Blok Mars Hill Radio Canada.. Eric Hallett Centennial Rd. Lyn ON CA.. Mark Ransom Constantia Center Baptist.. Don Work Dickinson Center .. Milton Kornegay Central Baptist Syracuse

This week hear Pastors..Hal Jensen United Church of Marietta.. Dana Goodnough Pittsford Community Rochester.. Jonathan Evans Elim Grace Oswego.. Michael Gerhardt Parkside Comminity Watertown.. Brian Havens Crown Alliance Cortland.. Colin Lucid Calvary Baptist Massena

Charlie Daniels on his several trip to Iraq to entertain the troops and the special place Psalm 91 holds for him.

I drive by a “sailboat shop” every day on my way to work. I have the blessing of living in the Finger Lakes and as I “sail” through Skaneateles from Auburn, I often see boats of all kinds dotting the clear water of Skaneateles Lake. I see the sailboat shop and its grounds east of […]

This week hear Pastors… Fred Sykes First Baptist of Canton.. Milton Kornegay Central Baptist Syracuse.. James Stone Chaplain at Hutchings.. Brian Havens Crown Alliance of Cortland..Robert Foote Trinity Lutheran Ithaca.. Bruce Aubrey Northside Liverpool.. Gerald Malchus Hope Presbyterian Syracuse  

Today on Spotlight we continue our conversation with Tom Atwood who is with Hebrew Scriptures. The mission of this ministry is to reach Jewish people from around the world with the God’s Word, the Scriptures in Hebrew, especially the New Testament..

Today on the program we are joined by Tom Atwood who is with Hebrew Scriptures. This ministry is devoted to getting the Bible, especially the New Testament, in the Hebrew language to Jewish people in the United States, Israel, and around the world..  

Last summer the NY State was rebuilding one of those “over the creek” bridges on a road parallel with Owasco Lake. The crew put up new traffic signals, road barriers, a number of bright orange cones, and a few signs instructing drivers to wait for the signal. Building or replacing bridges is generally a slow […]

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