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This week hear Pastors Art George First Baptist of Memphis NY.. Stephan Matzul Trinity Fellowship Syracuse.. Robert Foote Trinity Lutheran Ithaca.. Jeffrey Smith First Baptist Watertown.. Suresh Thiagarajan International Assembly Syracuse

This week we enter what has become known in Christendom as Passion Week. It’s the  week that we look in a special way to Christ’s death on the cross for sinners and His Resurrection from the dead. In the Old Testament we see God giving Israel the sacrificial system to make atonement for their sins. […]

  I saw a television program just a few weeks ago that focused on the precision engineering that goes into spring wound watches. I was fascinated by two things. The first, that there is still a healthy market for spring powered watches, and second, the skill of the artisans that put them together.   One […]

This week hear Pastors.. Damon Gagnier United Church of Auburn..Scott Hallman Westside Community Chapel Syracuse..Mark Graham Grace Bible of Fayetteville..Ron Glass Wading River Baptist LI..Don Work Dickinson Center Baptist..Milton Kornegay Central Baptist Syracuse

On this edition of Open Mike host Dawn Sessler is joined by Suzanne Taddeo- a registered and certified, dietician/nutritionist. She is the founder of Can Do Coaching. Also on the program is Julie Weldon- a certified exercise trainer specializing in corrective exercise and senior fitness. She is the founder of Journey Fitness. Together they conduct “Fit […]

My wife Evie has had a thing for clocks. I wouldn’t say she is a collector or anything, but let’s just say that when we switch from standard time to day light savings time, or visa versa, it becomes labor intensive.   Most of her clocks are battery operated, a few are wind-up. Some are […]

This week hear Pastors.. Hal Jensen United Church of Marietta.. Hank Blok from Mars Hill Radio Canada.. Eric Hallet Centennial Road Cornwall ON CA.. Mark Ransom Constantia Center Baptist.. Colin Lucid Calvary Baptist Massena  

It’s funny. At one time all phones rang as a bell rings. Now phones buzz, beep, chirp, play songs, vibrate, light-up, are displayed on our TV screens, announce who’s calling, and more. The word rang, no longer means “ring like a bell”.   One thing though is common to all the electronic indicators, and that […]

On this edition of Open Mike.. Host Dan Dunn is joined by Pastor Brian Havens of Havens Ministries for a discussion about MHN’s Internet outreach to Americas’s military men and women along with their families and Veterans. Also Pastor Havens discusses his website devoted to Americas Warriors. He is also the author of the novel […]

This week hear Pastors.. Dana Goodnough Pittsford Community Church.. Jonathan Evans Elim Grace Oswego NY.. Mike Gerhardt Parkside Bible Watertown.. Bruce Aubrey Northside Liverpool..Gerald Malchus Hope Presbyterian Syracuse

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