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Wayne Weekly TDMS…”Pressure Gauging The Journey”

Written by on October 22, 2015

“Oh no, there’s that dash light again!” This time it’s not the feared “check engine” light, the one that usually creates failed auto inspection and almost always costs lots of money. This indicator is for low tire pressure and can be a nuisance at the season’s change to colder weather. This TDMS signal (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), is really, though, for our well-being.


I have been going round and round (like a tire) this past few months with trying to get the thing on my dash to turn off. My tire dealer had reset the TDMS a few times, once for six-dollars. I finally got smart and began to regularly check my vehicle’s tire pressure. Over time I found one tire always softer that the other three. The leak, a very slow one, was eventually fixed. Eureka…my dash light went out…for about two weeks. I took my car back in and the tire guys blamed the weather. They inflated my tires to the recommended PSI, and the light now remains out! So far, so good.


I know we  all live “under pressure” to some degree, at one time or another. I suppose if we had indicator lights on our forehead they would frequently be glowing.


Some pressure actually can be healthy and helps us to accomplish tasks or even long term goals. Some pressure motivates us to pursue what’s right, to look beyond our horizons and become visionaries who triumph in reaching our ambitions.


God uses healthy, measured pressure in our lives to accomplish His purposes. Pastor Randy Alcorn, recently a guest on A New Beginning with Pastor Greg Laurie and heard here on Mars Hill at 6:30 am M-F, has a bunch to say on this topic. It would be great for you to check it out at:


The right kind of pressure can bring success, and that results in great satisfaction. It is always a joy to complete what God has laid on our hearts.


The wrong kind of pressure, well God can turn it around for His purposes and can take a not so good thing and make it fruitful. However, we need to avoid that kind of pressure which can result in high blood pressure, anxiety, and often physical illness.


Since we don’t have a visible pressure indicator light on our body’s dash board, we do need to monitor the accumulation of stress and take the proper steps to alleviate unhealthy tension. Prayer is always key. God also has provided knowledge in health care on practical life style ways to avoid bad pressure.


One more thing, meditating on Scripture. Reflecting on God’s Word has shown to reduce stress.         See:


Check your TDMS indicator, it reads Today Deliberately Meditate on Scripture.


“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee.”

                                                                                                                                                                Isaiah 26:3