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Wayne Weekly “Pebble Beach…The Morning Time Stood Still”

Written by on August 18, 2016

Time stood still for maybe 12 seconds last week.


It was a time warp, but without the sharp edges, that is the morning that my two girls, Jill and Janelle and I headed down a hiking trail at Fair Haven Beach State Park. For three glorious and adventurous days my two daughters and I made the state park home in a long awaited camping trip.


My family has a history at that campground. My wife Evie and I would pack up the old Starcraft pop-up and head out with the girls to camp on the “bluff”. It is a circle of campsites up above Lake Ontario, and man…did we ever make memories! We always talked of someday camping near that area in another area called Lakeview. These sites give a great view of the lake, and since these sites are on the eastern part of the park and face the west, sunsets are spectacular.


The day had arrived, our hearts desire was to become a reality. Site number 251 was all ours, for three days at least. We pitched our Bass Pro cabin tent (I had finally had the courage to sell the Starcraft a few years ago) and pitched the screen house. How thankful we were that someone had left a generous amount of firewood to burn for our campfires. We had plenty of fuel with no fear of running out of wood (or money). Camp was set up.


The second morning we ate a hardy breakfast hot off the camp stove by Chef Wayne and prepared for our “pebble beach” hike. We walked and laughed and admired God’s handiwork. Down the campsite road, now a jaunt through the wooded area, and then a clearing ahead with Lake Ontario blue contrasted against the trees. We stepped out of the woods, turned to the right, and there it was as far as the eye could see, the pebble beach. I took it all in, and for a moment or two time stood still. It was as if I had been translated to some island coast. The bluffs towering above, the drift wood, the multi-colored pebbles, the aqua blue and deep blue water. It was a picture.


Sometimes I wonder what it will be like in eternity when time is no more. How will we perceive things without the passing of time as we know it? I wonder what it will be like to stand on the celestial shore. I wonder what the Millennial Kingdom will be like when the lion lays down with the lamb. And I wonder about “the new heavens and the new earth” and what we will see, and hear, and do.



Someday as believers we will live the dream…in a state absent of time as we know it, an indescribable picture framed by the God of the universe…and places beyond.


“ And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.”                                                                                                 Revelation 22:1