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Written by on September 23, 2015

This month my daughter received the tragic news that an older friend of hers, from a previous employment situation, had lost her twenty-five year old son Sean (not real name) in a head-on traffic accident not many miles from our home.


A relative of the woman was asked to call Jill and let her know what had recently taken place and asked Jill if she could come by the house and be with the distraught Mom during the funeral arrangements and during the funeral…as she felt Jill was one of her only true friends. Jill and her “friend” had somewhat lost touch with one another, and they actually never spent a whole lot of time together outside of work.

Jill is a Christian, her former co-worker does not profess Christ and has shown very little, if any at all, spiritual interest. Nevertheless, this tremendously hurting woman thought of Jill and her kindness to her in days gone by.


My daughter spent a good amount of time being a listening ear and a comfort to the bereaved. Though the mention of God in this case was something that was not especially welcomed. Jill struggled with what she should do in regards to sharing her faith. I told Jill, for the time being, just be a loving, caring friend. “Show Christ’s compassion”, and that is what she was faithful in doing during the immediate crisis. As believers we know that God is planting seeds, and the door to speak the gospel may open in the near future.


My wife Evie and I decided to attend the calling hours and short service afterwards at the funeral home. Sean had been cremated and his remains were surrounded with flowers and impressing photos showing stages of his life and achievements he had rightly earned. The calling hours were well attended by many who appreciated this young man. He was a high school football player, and was a coach for local pop-warner football. A number of friends, acquaintances, and football players answered the call to share testimonials regarding Sean and his positive impact on them. It was a credit to Sean’s character.


As the “service” progressed, being led by the funeral home director, it was very clear that there would be no reference to God or eternity whatsoever in the ceremony. I have to say that I don’t believe I have ever attended a service, Christian or not, that was devoid of any mention of spiritual matters. It was empty, it portrayed no hope, it offered no promise of ever seeing a loved one again.


The observance of this young man’s life was filled with good recognition of Sean’s accomplishments and appreciative relationships, but that’s where it ended, concluding with the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow”.


I can’t judge where this man who had just began life is now. Only God knows that for sure. But what I do know is that God intends that we have a life that is filled with His purpose and the joy of knowing Him in a personal way.


Our hope here at the Mars Hill Network is that you have settled the question of eternity in your life. If you question if you will spend eternity with the Lord Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, please go to http://www.marshillnetwork.org/why-jesus/know-him/ .

Please don’t wait, your future could be just a click away.

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