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MhAX Impact

brought to you by Mars Hill Alternate Xone

Scheduled on

Friday 8:30 pm 8:40 pm
Saturday 8:30 pm 8:40 pm

MhAX Impact is a weekly 10-minute radio feature from our extended ministry Mars Hill Alternate Xone, also known as MhAX, aiming to inspire Christian youth & young adults to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ through discussing topics that interest young people from a Biblical perspective.

Hosting this program will be Teddy Caputo & Xander Deacons.  Each week, they will be discussing a topic, with guests frequently joining the program to add to their conversations & minister to Christian youth & young adults.  Their first episode will feature Teddy's conversation in a Faith Feature interview he did with Syracuse University starting quarterback Garrett Shrader (pictured above).

New episodes will air on Friday nights at 8:30pm and will air again on Saturday nights at 8:30pm.  Long-form conversations from this program are produced & published as a "MhAX Impact" podcast, which you can access through our free MHN app via any of the links below:

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